Jon De Lucia

Jon De Lucia


Forward-thinking, brash, modernist, purist, reformist, call him what you will. Jon De Lucia rewrites jazz history, while respectfully nodding to the greats of the past. Don't blink, don't breathe, and don't stop watching. You might miss the best part.


From the Press Release for Face no Face (Braithwaite and Katz):

The Jon De Lucia Group’s debut CD Face no Face features a group of inspiring young musicians who are actively extending the frontiers of jazz. The CD, out July 25 on Jonji Music, features the alto and soprano saxman/composer with long-time bandmates Nir Felder on guitar, Leo Genovese on piano and keyboards, Garth Stevenson on bass, and Ziv Ravitz on drums. They’ve played together since their student days at Berklee College of Music and De Lucia writes specifically for them. The result is compelling and original music that engages and excites.

De Lucia’s compositions are highly structured and sophisticated, yet allow each player to freely embark on scintillating sonic journeys. Six of the eight tunes on this disc are De Lucia originals. The others include Edo Komoriuta, a Japanese folksong that features Sumie Kaneko on two traditional Japanese instruments, Shamisen and Koto; and the standard I Wish I Knew, a moving duet between De Lucia and Genovese which closes the set.

What is remarkable about this CD is the grand arch that is formed as each tune progresses. The first three compositions are large-scale works, followed by three exquisite miniatures that are in turn followed by two tunes which are again large-scale, bringing it full circle. The first track, Glass Bead Game, is an adventurous three-part composition that covers much terrain, opening with an agitated, rhythmic melody followed by a contemplative middle section that includes an incredibly wrought solo by Felder. Really evokes a serene atmosphere, featuring gorgeous soprano playing from De Lucia. The Japanese folksong Edo Komoriuta is followed seamlessly by the beautiful Yugen, which is clearly inspired by the ethos of the East. After this The Open Eye appears with its restless swinging energy, and highlights the incredible virtuosity of the rhythm section as Genovese starts to burn in double-time, with Stevenson and Ravitz right along with him for the ride.

Jon De Lucia (Saxophone)

Jon De Lucia, born 1980 in Quincy, MA, is one of the finest young proponents of modern jazz on the alto saxophone.

Attending Berklee College of Music, Jon De Lucia had the opportunity to study privately with such amazing teachers as Frank Tiberi, George Garzone, Andy McGhee, Shannon LeClaire, and Bill Pierce. Later he studied with forward-thinking alto saxophonist and Blue Note artist Greg Osby. He was selected to play in a group led by Blue Note artist Joe Lovano and appeared on televised, nationally-syndicated workshops through PBS' WGBH.

After graduation from Berklee, Jon went on his first tour of Japan as part of Berklee faculty member Makoto Takenaka's Berklee Jazz Quintet. This led
to four subsequent tours of Japan over the next two years with various groups including Standard Deviation, a band co-led by Jon De Lucia and
guitarist Hironobu Saito. In Japan, Europe, and the United States, Jon De Lucia has appeared frequently in newspapers, on television and the radio, notably live on WGBH in 2005, and live on Fuji Terebi for Japanese Television in 2006. Most recently, Jon has performed with Bob Moses, Kendrick Scott, Francisco Mela, Tommy Crane, Mark Walker, David Tronzo, John Lockwood and Geoffrey Keezer and can be found performing frequently in New York and Boston with the Jon De Lucia Group.

Members of the Jon De Lucia Group...

Nir Felder (Guitar)

Since first picking up the electric guitar at the
age of thirteen, twenty-two year old Nir Felder has
quickly risen to become one of the finest exponents of
modern jazz on the instrument. In addition to
attending Berklee College of Music on a full
scholarship, Nir has performed with such luminaries as John Scofield, Joe Lovano, Pat Metheny, Terri Lyne
Carrington, and Dennis Chambers, playing around the
world at such prestigious venues as New York City's
Blue Note, the North Sea Jazz Festival, and the
Monterey Jazz Festival, as both a sideman and leader
of his own group, Junk Poetics.

Leo Genovese (Piano)

Leonardo Genovese was born in Venado Tuerto, Argentina. After finishing high school, he entered the Rosario National Faculty of Music. That institution gave him two years of classical training and through that he discovered jazz. He began improvisation and jazz studies with Berklee graduate Ernesto Jodos and started touring Argentina with many groups,
including La Revancha, whose repertoire consisted mostly of Leonardo’s compositions. He was invited to tour in South America as part of Quintino Cinalli’s group, ultimately recording a CD called Cambio de
Planes. In 2001, he moved to Boston after receiving a full scholarship from Berklee College of Music and launched himself into Boston's jazz scene, playing with Herman Hampton, Darren Barrett, Victor Mendoza, Phil Grenadier, John Lockwood, Yoron Israel and many others. He continues to study with such jazz luminaries as Hal Crook, Joanne Brack


Face no Face - Full Length CD released Summer 2006
Receiving Radio play in US and Europe.
Available for purchase on iTunes,, and, and has national distribution.

Set List

Currently performing approximately 90% originals with some jazz standards mixed in. Set times vary, depending on required performance length. An example set list would be:

The Open Eye (Jon De Lucia)
Glass Bead Game (Jon De Lucia)
Thingin' (Lee Konitz)
Emptiness (Jon De Lucia)
I Wish I Knew (Harry Warren)
Really (Jon De Lucia)
Bump (Jon De Lucia)
18 Notes 4 or 5 Times (Jon De Lucia)
Trebuchet (Jon De Lucia)
Duke Ellington's Sound of Love (Charles Mingus
Postage (Jon De Lucia)
Jinrikisha (Joe Henderson)