Jon Dewey

Jon Dewey


Jon Dewey is an artist who stretches the genre of singer-songwriter. Not content to settle into the traditional songwriting molds, he incorporates British progressive rock and folk, jazz, and punk influences into pop song stylings, creating something new, unique and very listenable.


Jon Dewey is a renaissance man in the true sense of the term. A songwriter, performer, published author and poet, as well as a former soldier, his varied interests give him a wealth of material to draw from.

A true entertainer, Jon Dewey is there for the audience. His original songs touch emotional strings with his audience, as he sings about issues that impact everyone. He is a seasoned performer, having entertained audiences on both east and west coasts, the south and Hawaii, as well as in Europe and Asia.


Carboard Alleys

Written By: Jon Dewey

I've been down these cardboard alleys
And black walled side streets
Do you think I'd know if you lied to me
Or don't you think that I care anymore?
Did you think that a golden hand will fall from the sky?
Did you think that the wisdom of old would point you out alone?


"Trees" (1977) - unreleased demo
"Generation Free" (1977) - unreleased demo