jon diaz

jon diaz


A caravan of urban musicians looking to party with you. The music Jon Diaz and his ensemble present is nothing more than a celebration of life. Living each moment to the fullest. It's the crossroads where blues, country, funk, Indian raga's and improvisation meet. Music for the mind and soul!


It's no surprise that Jon's current ensemble consists of all the sounds and colors he has experienced in his past travels. A pot luck of sounds from all over the globe. There are influences of north african trance to raga's, as well as funk & middle eastern music. The sounds produced by this talented ensemble provide a rich tapestry for your soul. Jon is not your average guitar player. He has spent his career trying to push the limits of what is expected of the guitar. This should be no surprise since he spent time as one of the original members of the League of Crafty Guitarists. Nothing shows the interplay between these musicians better than live performance. So sit back and enjoy the ride.


Circling from above/Jon Diaz 2007 (Debut cd)

Set List

60/90 minute set.

Song titles:
Circling from above
the dance within
sahara dreaming
the scroll
los gatos
Luna viola
Pina colada