Jondonson is a 4-piece band hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Over the past 4 years their sound has evolved from rudderless Rorschach experimentation into a compelling amalgam of lo-fi avante garde, indie-pop, psychedelia and country twang.


We started this band so that I could tell you this story:

I remember, back in elementary school, a company called World's Finest. They made chocolate bars. You see, instead of living in a civilized western country, where the obvious solution to underfunded school programs is to re-allocate government spending to education, public schools are forced to enlist a third party for fundraising. Who better than World's Finest? You would purchase boxes of 15 candy bars, then turn around and sell them for $1 each. If you sold all of them, more boxes could be ordered to keep friends and neighbors in diabetic shock through the forseeable future. In theory, this would create a massive rush of capital to fund your little league world series, overseas chess club trip, or marching band function. I say in theory, because we all know what a World's Finest fund raiser was really about:

A. You get the box of candy bars.

B. You pawn them off on your parents, so they can sell them at work.

If memory serves, they used to make the arrangement super awesome by providing an incentive catalog. It provided a list of prizes that could be awarded, depending on how many bars you could sell. Usually the top shelf gifts were ridiculously cool, like a jet ski, hover bike, box full of puppies, or an NRA membership. If someone had the killer instinct and ruthless business savvy of, say, an ADD 10 year old, they were looking at an explosive sales career with no glass ceiling. I look back now with the regretful hindsight of an adult. I mean, what idiotic primary school kid WOULDN'T be able to move 10,000 units in two weeks? If I'd only known.

Of course, there were always those select few children who, fueled either by a multinational pharmaceutical company, or a whole hell of a lot of moxy, actually achieved these ridiculous sales goals. To those of you who actually pulled this off, my hat goes off to you. Hopefully, you work in ad sales. I'm pretty sure you're driving a nicer car than mine.

The best (and only) thing I ever won was an inflatable mylar cylinder that could be tossed great distances in the air (a little like lawn darts, without the danger factor). It broke 2 days later.

I thought of this while looking at our boxes and boxes of unsold CD's. Maybe I'll start a tour of school assemblies. The kids can sell the sonic masterpiece that is jondonson's Inverness Way to help pay for new polyester marching band pants.


Inverness Way, our debut EP

Set List

The typical jondonson set list runs about 45 minutes. We could best be described as a mix of indie, alt-country, and garage. The beauty of our sets lie in each songs brevity - we believe in keeping things short, sweet, and interesting.