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A timeless heritage quality and sincere sound in the stylings of Bruce Hornsby, Phil Collins, John Mayer, Huey Lewis & The News with deep inspirational lyrics that can reach people of all ages and backgrounds throughout the world.


Singer, songwriter, and pianist Jon Dowling has established himself in the music industry for the past ten years as an artist with emotive, visual, and inspirational lyrics paired with an undeniable talent to create unique and unconventional musical arrangements. Born into a musical family in the quaint suburb of West Springfield, Massachusetts, Jon's father was one of the founding members of The Spidells - who opened for the famed Kingston Trio regularly in the 1960s. Throughout his childhood and adolescence, Jon's father instilled a love for music into his son that he would carry with him all the way to college, where he was accepted into the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. While in school, Jon learned techniques that would become the platform of what his music is based on today. After much hard work, he received a dual major in performance and music business and was ready to set out and make his mark in the music industry.

Over the years Jon dedicated himself to perfecting his craft - performing and collaborating with some of the industry's most respected artists, such as Toto, Grammy-award winning Latin Jazz pianist Michel Camilo, bassist Rich Neville of Poco, Lanny Isis, Dave Hoffman, Harvey Swartz, The Syotos Band, to name a few. He recorded two albums that helped prepare him for his greatest work to date, his third solo album "Trials and Tribulations." It was four years in the making, a period of time in which Jon had the opportunity to create and co-produce his songs with vaunted producer Jon Degrazio (Madonna, Jars of Clay, John Mayer, and Jennifer Lopez) and Drew Manzano (Lionel Richie, Brian McKnight, Rodney Jerkins, Tatiana Ali). Jon also worked with award-winning engineer/producer Christian Wicht (David Bowie, Backstreet Boys, Brian McKnight, Vanessa Williams) on the album, with a particular emphasis on the single "Here to Stay."

Jon's music has received high praise from industry powerhouses, such as Michael Howe, VP of A&R for Warner Atlantic Records, saying, "Jon's songs are carefully customized handcrafted pieces of music, designed to stand the test of time for years to come."

With experience, knowledge, and talent on his side, "Trials & Tribulations" has become Jon's defining moment in his career to date. The album depicts the roller coaster of life that Jon has experienced over the past four years, documenting through music milestones that millions of people around the world can identify with- marriage, the death of loved ones, accomplishments, and defeats.

Jon's ultimate goal with his music is to enrich his listener's lives and to inspire people from around the world. He continuously strives to make better, refreshing music, moving forward and trying to reestablish quality music on the airwaves and in the industry. Keep an eye out for the release of his third album "Trials & Tribulations," and his single "Out of the Dark" is set to impact radio in the summer of 2008.


Here To Stay

Written By: Jon Dowling- Music & Lyrics

Here to stay
© 2006 Patriotic Music, BMI

Two bar intro:

First Verse: What did I do to make you happy?
How did you get to be so kind?
I know at times I’m sentimental
But I feel the need to speak my mind

Don’t know where I’d be without you
You keep me cool, you keep me sane
I’m sorry at times I ever doubted you
Please don’t ever go away!

Chorus: Love, more beautiful than a flower,
Here in my darkest hour, to make things ok
Love, we’ve tried it our own way, now our love is here to stay

Second Verse: Your love is like a circle in the ocean
With no beginning and no end
You’re the rock of my foundation
You’re my lover and best friend

Chorus: Same

Bridge: Took a lifetime just to find you
Now that you’re here I won’t let go
You’re the key to my salvation
You’re the only one I’ll ever know, FOREVER!!

Eight bar piano Solo

Chorus: Repeat and use intro for ending


Out of the dark- Hit AC, Hot 100 and AC 40 radio commercially all over the US in 2008
Here to stay- Set to hit major monitored radio stations all across the Us in 2009

Set List

Typical set list:
1.) Stress Sandwich
2.) Out of the dark
3.) The second time around
4.) Reason for the season
5.) Proud Worker
6.) Highway in my mind
7.) All things considered
8.) The likes of you
9.) Here to stay

Sets are usually an hour or so in duration, depending on the performance.