Jon Drake & The Shakes

Jon Drake & The Shakes


Jon Drake & The Shakes are a big band of Americana and grit with brass, strings, guitars, keys, upright bass, and drums. Jon Drake & The Shakes are Dirty Folk/Pop. Richard Milne from WXRT says we play with a sweet urgency.


"Eight-member folk-pop ensemble Jon Drake & The Shakes, which comes equipped with strings (violin, cello) and horns (trombone, trumpet) in addition to the usuals, is the kind of charming band you sort of want to keep as a secret for yourself. You also want to recommend it—and its mood-improving EP “Side A”—to everyone you know."
-Matt Pais, Metromix

"An eight piece collective that sounds of a like mind on their four
song demo debut, Jon Drake & The Shakes featuring everything from
mandolin to trombone all but played with a sweet urgency... Looking
forward to hearing more from these guys, showing great promise with
their four song debut." -Richard Milne of WXRT

"When watching the band perform, it was amazing to watch how each of
the members fed off of each other. They were having so much fun that
it spread throughout the entire venue... their sound will put anyone
in a good mood."

Jon Drake & The Shakes have accepted invitations to: The Taste of Chicago, The Double Door, Schuba's, The Empty Bottle, Martyr's, The Elbo Room, The Beat Kitchen, Quenchers, Morseland, The Whistler, Ronny's, and many more.

Jon Drake & The Shakes are a Chicago born eight piece band with twice as many instruments. An energetic show that's definitely worth talking about.

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Elizabeth Johnston

Written By: Jon Drake

I’m trying hard not to pretend
you don’t cut me off in the middle of a sentence when you’re right.
You allocate the time I spend wanting you.
I will find a reason to come back.
Did I love you in a past life?

I have the right to protest the occupation of my time.
I see no reason for it when you’re gone.

Call it to session
Assemble in the courts; we’ll find our fate in what we take for granted
We loved once or more
I’ll dance around the fire we put out long ago
It’s our way to recall

We will lie.

-I will take you back sometimes because it’s the only way to recall-

I have the right I have the right to avoid your silly game.
I have the right I have the right to join your silly game.

We will lie.


Written By: Jon Drake

You can call me when you’re down
When you’re crying in the bathroom
And you’re cleaning out the teeth marks
And you thought you were to blame
Did you push a boy too far?
Did you spit right in his face?
You didn’t know what it was worth
You didn’t know that he was mad

Maybe it’s good I wasn’t there
I could have hurt him bad
Margie you’re such a fine girl
You’re okay.

Now I know that you’ve been drinkin
Cause you’re gettin fit to fight
And I know that you really love me
Heard you were cussin on the bus
But I’m glad that you were gone
Cause you would have made a mess of that boy
Seen you when you’re mad

Maybe it’s good that you were gone
I don’t want to hurt no one
You’re such a fine boy
You’re such a fine boy
A fine girl or a fine boy or a fine girl

I could tear him apart
I could hurt him something bad

Maybe I will
Maybe I could
Margie, I would tear his heart out

Rattles and Snakes

Written By: Jon Drake

I went back home you were caught and you walked with your hand on your mouth and you looked back at me said you’re sorry I went home ah it hurt you, you went home to cry your eyes out I went home and cried my eyes out when I thought of you and all we’d done.


Written By: Jon Drake

What you have was pouring in the alleys, pouring in the rain
Whiplash in your neck, caught in hydroplane
Seizure in the bathroom, crying on the couch
Sleeping till the midday, warnings in the south
Car crash on the highway, driving hurricane
Off to see your friends but you’ll get back again
To write it in the pages, right it in the words
Was it there at the screen test, or a shoot for a day?
It was there at the workshop, there on the plane
Was it talking with your ma you found your master plan?
Did ya cry to your ma?
Did you cry to your ma?

Did you cry?
Did you cry?
It’s good good good that you’re back
It’s good good good, to have you back

Don’t look back yeah fuck you, you don’t fake it no no
What's that sound, there's a sound dit’s like a picture break the picture; break it up
I woke up in the morning; you was driving in the rain
I thought I heard a sound, thought I lost you for a moment
And I try
When you cry
It’s good good good, to have you back
I woke up in the morning; you was driving in the rain
I thought I heard a sound, I thought I lost you for a moment and…


"Elizabeth Johnston" -Single Released 7.14.09; currently streaming internationally online-

Featured on WXRT's Local Anesthetic with Richard Milne, Sept 6, 2009
Featured on WXRT FM/or streaming, Chicago on Local Anesthetic Capsule Sept.29 and Oct 1 2009
"Jon Drake & The Shakes: Side A"
-Debut EP released 7.14.09

Set List

Elizabeth Johnston
Rattles and Snakes
Fourth of July
Fisherman's Blues
Red Line Cheat
Love Song #5

We play 45 to 65 minutes. We are play original songs with a cover or two here and there.