Jon Drake & The Shakes

Jon Drake & The Shakes

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Jon Drake & The Shakes play uniquely infectious indie-pop music with an Americana vibe. The band comes complete with strings, horns, keyboards, guitars, drums, bass and vocal lines that are guaranteed to stay in your head for weeks. Check out "Margie" on their free EP, "Side A".


Jon Drake and the Shakes, although not post rockers, can whip up a mean folk song in a snap. The Chicago band considers themselves a sonic carnival and utilizes almost every classic instrument, from organs and glockenspiels, to trumpets and trombones. They keep the rock vibe alive by playing electric and acoustic guitars, but it’s everything else that makes them so unique. The music is also very unique in itself: think a quick folky waltz while listening to Modest Mouse. The group uses the pop genre to help describe their music, but I feel it’s something different all together.

-Matt Rhodes, Consequence of Sound


"Side A" EP