Jon Dreamer

Jon Dreamer

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA


A versatile singer/songwriter that has musical influence of R&B, pop, hip hop reaching to the complexity of jazz and the feeling of soul. Jon was born in Indianapolis, IN. but spent most of his childhood years raised by his mother within the rich, dynamic cultural background of New Orleans, while summers and other years he spent in the Northwest suburbs of Illinois with his father experiencing the excitement and heritage of Chicago.  Dreamer's love for music and musical roots probably began with his father, a trumbone player who started a band in New Orleans and his mother, also a singer/songwriter sang lead as they played various night clubs.  Later Dreamer's mother, would continued to sing as a member of the Dixie Cups.  During this time, Jon was musically and personally exposed to many heralded native New Orleans musicians.
Jon first started singing jokingly harmonizing with his brother and sister making fun of older church members.  Later, he joined school and church choirs but most often was turned away, as the younger brother, from his brother's singing group with friends.  At a young age, Jon found his love for writing songs, which he secretly hoped his brother's group would hear and want to perform.  His songs weren't performed by the group but his talent was recognized and he was encouraged to keep singing and writing. Later, he would try his hand at producing and before his musical maturation he was told to "stick to writing." But in his pursuit to create music that suited his lyrical melodies he continued on.  His persistence has overcome doubts and his music is as colorful and diverse as his background.


Sugar So Sweet

Written By: Jon Dreamer

Sugar So Sweet
Girl you captivate my mind,
gimme a rush
(Sugar So Sweet)
Make me abandon foolish pride,
girl with your touch
(Sugar So Sweet)
You can break me down to my knees,
I'm beggin' you please,
(Sugar So Sweet)
For your good loving 360 degrees
Sugar So Sweet

I am soo--,
in love with your inner glow
of being wrapped up in your
mystical world--,
something about you girl
(I think you know)

Take my hand--,
take me on a journey through,
your candy land--,
you know I'm your biggest fan
could ever be--,
with you I see, I see

Pre Chorus
It can ice cream rain for 90 days straight, with you
Cotton candy clouds seem to dissipate, oooo
The strawberry sun seems to shine on through
Taste the good life with the love in you oooo

ooooooo wah wah wah
ooooooo wah ooo wah

2nd Verse
Tell me now
the words that I said to you
so profound,
to find the words to have you
apart of my life
made everything right (everything right)

Girl tonight, (tonight)
this day take the time to bless
so thankful--,
you inside my arms caress
I hold the world--, (against my)
close to my chest (you baby)

Pre Chorus