Jon Eric Music

Jon Eric Music

 Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Jon Eric is best known for his banjo skills. Jon's dedication, and years of playing have led him to become a legend in pushing the boundaries of what the banjo can sound like. "I love all types of music, but many people really underestimate what the banjo can do," he says as he breaks into a harmonic melting pot of jazz and blues. Jon Eric expertise also includes guitar, vocals, and dobro. He is well educated in music production and currently teaches to share his love of music


Jon Eric is a multi- instrumentalist always looking for unique and fresh musical opportunities to be a part of.

Playing banjo, guitar, dobro, singing

Jon Eric's ORIGINAL sound can add the right musical touch needed for the sounds you need. Whatever style of music.


'09 That Was Then- This is NOW
Streaming and online stations already are playing it.

Other projects are too numerous to mention, but
can be made available upon request.

Set List

We can do both based on the requirements of the venue.

A typical show consists of 10% covers and 90% originals.