Jonesamatic layers electronica-fueled drums and loops with trumpet and guitar, topped off with catchy melodies and memorable lyrics. The duo of DC indie-rockers and record producers plays out before their own brain-tickling video projections. It’s the best thing since sliced Beck!


You’ve heard of emo-core. Now make way for enormo-core!
Fat beats. Big bottom. Jonesamatic is two chubby guys with a lot of technology.

Siamese twins separated at birth, Jonesamatic fuses the electronica-fueled drums, loops, trumpet and keys of Peat Biby with the distinctive voice and guitar of Ian Jones. Their musical collide-a-scope layers catchy melodies and rump-rustling rhythms with lyrics that make you sing along and even (god forbid) think. Their energetic live show is a Freeque de Soleil played out before brain-tickling video projection.

Their debut album, Jonesamatic Cha Cha Cha, is a self-recorded variety pack of all original songs and soundscapes. But this ain’t no lo-fi ho-down. Now based in Baltimore, Jonesamatic arose from the breadbasket of 90s indie-rock, Arlington Virginia. Jones recorded such platters as Tuscadero’s Pink Album (Teenbeat/Elektra) and other 90s darlings at his Evil Genius Audio Labs, while performing with Eggs and Bombardier Jones. Biby honed his drum skills in DC indie bands like Lorelei and Vanity Champ, while remixing the Pietasters, East Coast Boogiemen and Lida Husik at his Enko Studio.

They met as the touring rhythm section for oddball indie-popsters Viva Satellite. Now they have united to bring you more pound per sound. Think Beck. Think They Might Be Giants. Think JONESAMATIC.


Jonesamatic Cha, Cha, Cha - full-length CD, 2003

Set List

we play all original songs, typically playing one set of between 45 and 80 minutes in length.