Garage guitar driven pop. I really like twangy guitar sounds, fuzzy ones too, combined with catchy melodies and words. Jonesez is me and me only but i get help from some rad players, both live and in the studio. Jonesez is pronounced "Joan-says". Sounds best when using your thickest Aussie accent


Jonesez isn't really a band, even though it certainly sounds like one. It's best described as a solo project with a little help from some friends... 

Jonesez is the brain child of former Horsell Common frontman Mark Stewart. After 5 releases and 5 years of touring, Horsell Common called it a day in 2009. The guitarist/singer spent the majority of 2009 writing the debut Jonesez album in his basement in suburban Melbourne. Darren Cordeux (Kisschasy) came on board as the producer and after demoing the songs in Darren's home studio they entered the studio with Hadyn Buxton (Blueline Medic) as engineer.

The album, titled Betty’s Soup is completely self-funded and self distributed. Jonesez has teamed up with Topspin (direct-to-fan distribution company) and will release the album through his website Apart from buying directly from Jonesez, fans will be presented with multiple options. From high quality digital downloads to a deluxe “all you can eat” package, whatever the level of fan, Jonesez has something to offer.

Jonesez has already given away a couple of album tracks as free downloads through the website and will continue to give away more music both via the mailing list and social media channels like Facebook & Twitter.

“Financing my own recordings is a new experience for me, it feels extremely satisfying. The possibilities for independent musicians are now endless. I can control what I sell, how much I sell it for and where I sell it, which I was never able to do. If I want to give my music away, I can.”

Be That Guy is the 1st single off the album and is the 2nd installment in the ‘Basement Video’ series following the hilarious video for ‘The Money Will Roll Right In’. Mark plays 3 of the 4 characters and there is also a guest appearance by Fuzz Phantom’s drummer Tahlia Shaw. More ‘Basement Videos’ to follow.

Fans will get a chance to preview Betty’s Soup in June when Jonesez play ‘The Good Times Tour’ through Canberra, Sydney & Melbourne with Kempsey & The Retreat. All show details available from

*Oh... and if you're wondering. Jonesez should always be pronounced "Joan-says". Sounds best when using your thickest Aussie accent.


Be That Guy

Written By: Mark Stewart / Jonesez

i’m not the brightest or the sharpest in the shed
i keep eating my tv until i’m pregnant
can’t bite through the tube the thickness is more than i can bite
i break it with my teeth the pieces
much more better size

that show makes me really
wanna live my life
that guy makes me really
wanna be that guy
i wanna be that guy

i’m not the brightest or the sharpest in the shed
i keep eating my tv until i’m pregnant
my cold and flu i got from you
i’m under your attack
it’s more than i could ever ask
you’ll never get it back

Best Friends

Written By: Mark Stewart / Jonesez

When i drink, you drug
When i blink, you bug
We never need to fight about a thing
And if i had to choose out of me and you
I choose you

My best friend sells drugs for a living
And he’s a person too

When i flinch, you punch
Never seen another boy take so much
Never met a tyre we couldn’t swing
Ten clams a bag, it’s not that great but it’s not that bad

He’s poisonous
But he’ll make you happy

My best friend sells drugs for a living
And he’s a person, you just gotta know


Written By: Mark Stewart / Jonesez

Safe and happy
Safe and happy
Kids are now aborted
No piranhas in the water

Dead against this one
Dead against the next one
Millionaires market
Gonna fill your head with garbage

Guess i’m not the family glue
I’m just another you
I never said that i don’t think so
Do as i do as i do
Just don’t thank me when your through

We the unwilling
Lead by the unknowing
Do the impossible
For the ungrateful


Debut Album "Betty's Soup" Out August 6th 2010.

Set List

Sheep Stations
Be That Guy
Best Friends
Big Bad June
Still Got My Brains
The Money Will Roll Right In

40 min set.