South Pasadena, California, USA

I am a singer / songwriter and film composer. I perform on a number of different instruments. I sometimes use a looper to build up multi-layered, live performances. I perform original material as well as eclectic takes on great songs from all over the world.


Born in California.  Son of a Top Gun fighter pilot.  I am a composer for film and television.  Probably best known as the composer for the TV show, 'Chuck' on NBC


Ghost Town

Written By: Timothy S. Jones

Is the, Angel on my shoulder
Taking paid days off
Is she headed up to Reno
With her silver cross

Is she laying it down
On black or is it red
Hope she comes back soon
Relights the moon

I'm so alone here
There's a ghost town in my head

Angel on my dashboard
Grass skirt sways in the wind
Are you up from the farm leagues
Is the coach gonna put you in

Have you seen my angel
Has she got a message for me
Hope it comes real soon
Relights the moon

I'm so alone
In this ghost town painted red

There was a time
When faith was something
Like a spoonful of medicine
Drink this down, and rest your weary head

Our Moms and cheerleaders
Have gone to the great beyond
Can't get there soon
Hope they hold a room

Sure could use some friends
In this ghost town in my head
If you see my Angel
Send her care of me

In this ghost town in my head

Walk 3 Miles

Written By: Timothy S. Jones

Yeah, I walk 3 miles to work
Each and every day
15,000 feet
Of mud, sand and clay

I walk 3 miles to work
All my buddies at the factory, Think I'm a jerk
But, I'm saving my money
For my baby and Saturday

Got a '53 Coupe De'Ville
Sittin' in my yard
It's a shiny Cadillac
My dog Jasper he stands guard

Monday through Friday when the sun comes up
Grab my walkin' shoes and my coffee cup
I whistle on down the road
Just to make my pay

(Instrumental verse)

Oh...Saturday, pick up my girl
And I take her to a show
Later out to dinner
And a back country road

My girl's lovin' is so complete
I ain't ever going back
Put my money in the gas pump
Baby gives it all right back

Well...Monday morning comes
Creeps in my window pane
I'm showered, shaved and breakfast'd
And I'm smiling again

Well, I pet the dog,
Lace up my boots
It's down the road in my business suit
And I walk three miles, waitin' for Saturday

(repeat Chorus)