Loud, high-energy rock, with melodies you'll be singing for DAYS! And we do porn soundtracks!


JonesTown, fast emerging as one of the hottest new rock bands in New York F'in City, is fronted by songwriter Freddie Mac, and driven to glory by Timmy Rockmore on guitar, Steve Paelet on bass, and Ross Kantor on drums. Rock 'n Roll Experience describes them as "Musically addictive and ready to rock", and they deliver, both live and on record - JonesTown's songs will make you bang your head and shake your ass, all at the same time. "Open Up", from their 2005 release "When It All Comes Down", has been used as the official theme to Bike New York's Five Boro Bike Tour. Their music is now being taken for a different kind of ride - as a part of Tristan Taormino's House of Ass.

When asked about JonesTown's inclusion in a porn video, Freddie Mac could be heard to say: "I like to think that our songs tap into the most basic of human emotions and impulses. I couldn't think of a better way to be 'exposed' to a whole new audience, to tap into those impulses on a whole new if only I hadn't missed that casting call..."


Slipped Away

Written By: Freddie Mac

Witty lines, she never finds
Very amusin', how am I confusin'
all the signs?
I do some thinkin' drinkin'
'til I get the nerve to say
Hey won't you join me, can't avoid
The silly games we all play

For someone to belong to
There's always somethin' there to remind me

I'll never find another girl like you, you slipped away
There's nothin' I could ever say or do to make you stay
Another day dead and gone
Maybe you're the one I long for
But now I miss you, only kiss you in my dreams for one more day

There was a love, oh, once upon a time
was never mine
Another lonely tale to tell
over another round
Thought maybe once or twice that it was nice
to come kinda close
to what I never knew,
So all I do is fantasize

Was it the smell of her skin
I never knew exactly where to begin
Never win, my dream will never come true
There ain't I think I can do
That'll ever get you near me

When I'm feelin' overtaken by this feeling inside
Just wanna go run and hide
But it's the feelin' that keeps me alive
I can't escape - no, you know I can't escape it!

I see her sittin' pretty, once upon a memory
She'll never see me, beggin' down on my knees

For All We Do...

Written By: Freddie Mac

how have I sinned this time?
Like a fall from grace, from which you never recover
Mother always told me what I could rely on
Like a broken promise, wish I knew why she'd lie

I can't even count on me these days
Can't pace myself, impatience it drives me on
Each helping hand has been amputated
Consecrated, baptised in tears

The star you're gonna wish on is guaranteed to fall
Then it's all in the pages that no one will read
My deeds speak a gospel tale of the hopeless
Faithless, faceless, after hearing your call

You once led me to believe in my fantasy
Teasing me with your promises

I hear you say you think you see
you'd live my life better than me
"You should have done, you should've said"
The only words ring through my head
If on your path success is shown
I'd rather fail on my own

Like a fruit forbidden, that's all I get to eat
Like the one sweet kiss of death on my lips
Is it all worth livin' if my life is not my own?
Won't you tell me who owns it, so I can hold it again...

You know, I'll never feel the sun on my face
Doubts chase it away to someone more worthy
No matter how high I plead my case
Nobody listens
Hell, not even me

So what's the point, cos in the end
For all we do we end up dead
Guess all i really NEED to do
Yes, all I really NEED to do
Ain't a motherfuckin' thing I NEED to do
Where's a gun when I need one?

Momma's Boy

Written By: Freddie Mac

Thrown a curve, deserve this fate unknown
I'd disown my soul if you would walk this way right through my door
More and more I find I go blind, the more and more true love is shown

Momma said that love is dead
A twisted vision in my head
But it's the only one I see
Peace could be, but a piece of me was left behind
When I left you long ago

(Ever Since I laid my eyes on you)
Run for cover, lover's always lyin'
(Ever Since I laid my eyes on you)
Get away, again you always find me
(Ever Since I laid my eyes on you)
Like a little child, I'm always cryin'

I hate myself because of you, can't love the way I want to
I hate you because of me, I see the way a heart can bleed
No choice the voice inside replayed
The rest of life betrayed
No sense of decency
Now your denial plants the seed

All I want is to look into your eyes
How I believed the lies...
Now I bury my face
Scary the place
But I guess there's no one left to blame
I bury my face in shame


When It All Comes Down