St. Louis, Missouri, USA
BandHip HopPop

"Jonezy has the necessary bravado to rock the mic with authority, but he never lets his ego, or his rock-star-size dreams, get too big. Jonezy shows he can work in multiple styles while speaking truth to power." -Riverfront Times

"Jonezy was born to rap and has the crowd in his hip pocket"


Getting his start like so many others, Jonezy gained local notoriety in high school and college for freestyling at parties. Growing up in the metro-east, St. Louis area, in Madison County, Illinois, there was a cover band at every bar, on every corner, but live hip hop shows were completely non-existent. Jonezy then sought out shows just across the river in St. Louis. Throughout the last couple of years, Jonezy has played virtually every major venue in St. Louis (i.e. The Pageant, Busch Stadium, Blueberry Hill, The Old Rock House, The Gramophone, Atomic Cowboy, and more). In the process, he took notice of the segmentation and separatism amongst the many local hip hop sub-genres. As a result, almost 2 years ago, Jonezy started his own monthly hip hop show, entitled “2nd Story Saturdays.” Studying Marketing/Management in college has helped him to become savvy to what people want, and as a result, the monthly has quickly grown to a St. Louis staple, and is now welcoming national talent. His debut release: “(Mr. FillintheBlank)” was release in late 2009, and received critical acclaim from the underground community and helped build a name for this artist. Jonezy's newest album, “CO$TOMBS” was released in mid-April and has already received high praise from the Riverfront Times, Eleven Magazine, the Belleville News Democrat, and many other hip hop blogs. He has played shows in Colorado, Utah, Iowa, Illinois, and of course Missouri (both in St. Louis, and Columbia at the University of Missouri). While maintaining his monthly, and playing local shows continuously, he strives to spread the movement of his music as far as possible, and is currently planning dates for shows across the country. It is often said that Jonezy’s performances are infectious with an intensity and energy that leaves people feeling refreshed from his unique perspective. People are constantly impressed with the clarity and precision of his delivery. While prided by his lyrical content, people find no trouble dancing to his catchy beats, and this edgy artist has a great knack for making each show a unique experience for onlookers.


Mr. (FillintheBlank) - released 11/09
CO$TOMBS- released 06/11