Jon Finn Group

Jon Finn Group


Good Music People Like! Comprised of four of the best musicians in the Northeast USA, our instrumental rock is written and performed in a way appeals to anyone who seeks compelling, emotional performances. With two critically acclaimed CD releases and a 3rd in progress, JFG is back!


Many years ago, a bass player named Joe Santerre and a drummer named Alan Hall started a band. They, for reasons still unknown, decided to call it "Jon Finn Group". Next, they took an ad out in the "Musician's Classifieds" section of the local newspaper that read, "Guitarist needed. No Singing Allowed. Must be named Jon Finn." Since that humble beginning, they contunue their slow rise from local, to national, then worldwide obscurity. They've performed as headliners all over the world, from Los Angeles to NYC, Boston, Burlington VT, London, Frankfurt, Nancy and more! They've opened for Dream Theater, Edgar Winter, Dixie Dregs, Steve Morse Band, and many more!


Jon Finn Group - (self-titled cassette release 1991)
"Don't Look So Serious" - Legato Records 1994
"Wicked" - SEP Records 1999
New CD currently in production

Set List

Our set is typically an "all originals" set. Our fan-base is small and spread out all over the US and abroad.