Jon Gambino

Jon Gambino

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Jon Gambino is an American artist and composer whose style fuses soul/rock with hip hop and latin rhythms. With his debut single "I Get Lonely" available now and an EP set to be released in November, this year promises much more to come.

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"I Get Lonely" - single - August 2013
"Heavenly" - single - August 2013

Set to release November 2013:
"Goodbye Rain"
Jon Gambino "EP''

Set List

I usually perform a 6 to 9 song set, up to 3 sets a night. The songs are longer than the average performer, based on the time needed to build the tracks as well as instrumentals and guitar solos. My cover repertoire spans from Oasis, The Eagles, Steve Miller Band, Tom Petty, and Jimi Hendrix to Stone Temple Pilots, Radiohead, R. Kelly, Lil Wayne, and more. I like to put a set together based on the crowd and the vibe of the night, but I also like to bring the audience to a place they might not have thought of and really get them involved in the music.