Jon Garner Trio

Jon Garner Trio


This is music designed to move you and get you moving at the same time. For fans of Jack Johnson, G. Love and the Special Sauce, Dave Matthews, Jazz, and Feel Good Music!


The jon garner trio is the newest project from veteran San Diego musicians Jon Garner, Rich Wright, and Michael Cannon. Combining serious chops with musical maturity, the group crafts music that is both full of pop sensibilities, and yet allows room for the musician to create and explore on the fly. In short, music that sounds good to people of any generation, yet is fun enough to perform for generations.

The guys in this group have played in every imaginable style over their careers and bring that knowledge with them as they shape the jon garner trio sound. Consisting of Jon- Gtr/Vox, Rich-Acoustic Bass, and Mikey-Drums/Percussion, the sound is obviously organically rooted. The trio format allows the music to breath and for the players to stretch out, especially in their exciting live performance; deconstructing and reanimating the music in real time, real funky time.

The sound can be described as alternative soul or indie funk. The song “Holiday” draws on indie pop, with a Stereolab type beat and floating pop melody with a touch of soul inflection. “Mission” and “Watermelon Girl” are global hybrids of American groove and late 70’s Brazilian funk, similar to music legendary Brazilian artist Jorge Ben-jor. “If I” is a classic Motown or Stax Records type groove. Even the Americana torch song “Laces” contains a steady pulse, a bounce that is crucial to the jon garner trio sound. This is music designed to move you and get you moving at the same time.



Written By: Jon Garner

When we’re on a holiday
Everything feels new
And I am feeling so alive
Cuz I am loving you
When we’re walking hand in hand
All through the grass
My feet don’t touch the ground
They’re floating in the air

But all the day to day
Can get you down
And it’s tearing us apart
Do you remember how it feels
How do we get back
To where it started from

‘Cuz the words you said to me
Got me a little concerned
I’ve given you all I’ve had
For what it’s worth
But if that is not enough
Then maybe baby we should go
But I loved you more than life
I thought you knew

I’ll be all you need
All you need

If I

Written By: Jon Garner

If I could write you a song
You’d say, oh babe, I’ve got to jam along
If I, could make it come out right
Feel me, feel you
Through day and night

But now,
Words on a page don’t capture your face
And the moon and stars are all out of place.
Now that you’re gone so far away
And I’m living day to day
Keeping my thoughts and prayers
On the promise of some day

Should I still wait for you

If I could write you a song
You’d say, oh babe, let me jam along
If I, could make it come out right
Feel me, feel you
Through day and night

Watermelon Girl

Written By: Jon Garner

Ain’t no reason it can’t just start to flow
I’m tired of being tied up
Wired like the tribe that can’t stop the show
I tried, tried to get psyched up
Shoot yourself with you plastic tongue
And sink into the sand
Lay on down watermelon girl
Here comes the harvest man

All I need from you is calm
But you call my house before too long


And the beat from the street I no longer believe
Because I’ve heard it before and don’t want anymore
Just to leave us alone, let the good time flow
Relaxing your mind as we float through time

As we were, as we been, as we will be again
When we pick up a line that stood still in time
And remember December, the heat of her sweater
The clock by the tower and the bump of November


...and the happy accidents. 2008

Set List

Originals and Choice Covers Done Our Way

45 minutes - 3 plus hours


Goodbye Blue Sky
Two Hallies
Will You
If I
Watermelon Girl
Hey Now
Body's Your Grace
Can't Go Back

Sitting Waiting Wishing - Jack Johnson
Bubbletoes - Jack Johnson
Things We Said Today - Beatles
Pressure Drop - Toots and the Maytals
Sea Of Love
Harder They Come - Jimmy Cliff
Come Together - Beatles
Message In A Bottle - The Police
Sissy Strut - The Meters
What's Going On - Marvin Gaye
Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers