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Jon Gorey

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2000
Solo Folk Singer/Songwriter


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"Jon Gorey - Indeed!"

It’s not easy being a Red Sox fan this past decade. But Jon Gorey doesn’t rest on his laurels and finish in second place, this is a race for first that’s a virtual lock. “Kylie I Can’t Say” starts things off encouraging much knee bouncing along the way as he croons his singer/songwriter pub rock. His music is always quite approachable and so recognizable you’ll think you’ve heard this before. The funny thing about the title is that by the end of the album you find yourself saying “Indeed!” and reaching for the play button again.
- J-Sin -


I have to admit I was sort of skeptical about Jon Gorey's Indeed!, based solely on the exclamation point in the album's title. The writer in me had it drilled into her psyche that the punctuation mark used to express anger, excitement and other loud emotions should be used as sparingly as possible. The music fan in me believed that exclamation points tend to appear in pop records by teeny-bopper artists who have huge careers in Japan (Jennifer Love Hewitt's immortal Let's Go Bang! comes to mind). Thankfully, the music on Indeed! has made me reconsider judging Gorey's music based on something so trivial.

Gorey has created 12 songs of feel-good barroom rock, the kind of music that, even when heard for the first time, has an instant pleasing familiarity without seeming derivative. Gorey, a Boston-based singer/songwriter well-traveled on the café/bar circuit, has released two previous albums. But Indeed! is his first studio recording with a full band, and the songs benefit from the lively, expansive sound of the guitar/bass/drums lineup.

Most of Gorey's songs detail complicated romantic entanglements and letdowns, with him pining for someone or looking back with fond sadness over an ended relationship. "La Resistance" is catchy and melodic, amped up by Gorey's ferociously yearning growl on the chorus. "Haunted" has a more sweet, lilting quality, chronicling how Gorey didn't get to express his true feelings to someone who ends up being "one more girl in a song/ one more memory's end." "Goodbye Summertime" sounds sunny and upbeat despite being about another girl that got away. You might think that an album filled with so many songs about lost loves would get maudlin after awhile, but each one has its own individual sound and endearing quality.
The non-romantic songs are more hit-and-miss. "Plight of a 20-Something Would Be Hero" is not as precious as its title, but it doesn't really distinguish itself in any memorable way from the hordes of other songs about the aimless confusion and angst of being in your 20s. "Ambush," a song about someone who teaches you weird, unsettling facts that sometimes you feel better off not knowing, is darker than the other songs, with an antagonistic edge. "Gonna get you Bob Thompson" has to be the weirdest chorus ever to get stuck for days in my brain.

But then there's "The Scarlet Letter." An ode to the twined optimism and disappointment that comes with rooting for a baseball team plagued by "the curse of the Bambino," it perfectly encapsulates the city's unflagging devotion to its beloved Red Sox. The only song on the album recorded from a live performance (not counting the bonus track at the end), it benefits from having an audience's enthusiastic whoop-and-holler response, showing that the song has the potential to be Boston's unofficial summer anthem. The sentimental Irish-tinged violin on the track lends it a timeworn quality, as if the song has been sung and passed down through generations of Gorey's family, the love of the Red Sox a permanent part of their legacy. I can't quite imagine that the New York Yankees, the overachieving Goliath to the Red Sox's David, could inspire something as heartfelt.

Maybe what I initially found strange about an album called Indeed! is not its punctuation, but the name as a whole. It's an expression so straightforwardly cheerful and free of irony that compared to most rock records (which have either clever, enigmatic or pretentious names), Indeed! is almost like seeing a big happy face plastered on the CD cover. But really, that's its greatest appeal. For if an album's title is supposed to reflect the spirit of the music found within, Jon Gorey's songs do so in a refreshingly winsome fashion.

by Kirthana Ramisetti -

"Jon Gorey - Indeed!"

Jon Gorey - Indeed! (Wheelkick Records)
Jul 3, 2006

Jon Gorey is a singer with a lot to say and owns both a gifted voice and excellent voice to deliver his message. "Indeed!" is a kick ass record, balanced both in folk and rock yet he defies the term "folk-rocker." Gorey's sound is totally his own, [displaying] full fledged power on a tune like "Plight of a 20-Something Would-be Hero" or joy at the Boston Red Sox's title run in a live recording of "The Scarlet Letter."

The production is clean and lean... and Jon's backing band is top-notch as he had great musicians backing him up. Special kudos to Phil Gorey and Audrey Ryan for their guitar and violin playing.

Wheelkick Records is small active indie label and this is the second release from the label we have gotten a chance to review (Will Dailey being the first) and I have to say, I'm very impressed. A couple more releases like this and Wheelkick could really start making a name for itself.

highly recommended

- Here and There Ezine

"Jon Gorey - Indeed!"

Indeed! is Jon Gorey's 3rd full length release (I think) and it’s a collection of stripped down, amped up rockers played with the passion of a singer-songwriter that merge seamlessly with the more personal acoustic songs that betray Jon’s roots on the Boston folk circuit. Red Sox fans should check out “The Scarlet Letter” about the optimism and unending disappointment of life as a Red Sox fan. Very good, in a rocking, kind of mellow way. - Shite n' Onions


The Things You Keep (EP, 2011) - Produced by Will Dailey. Features the blissful wedding-day ballad "On and On."

Tales from Gauchoville (EP, 2005) - Featuring the single, "New American Dream."

Indeed! (LP, 2004) - First full band recording. Track 4, "The Scarlet Letter," was played on local radio stations, in Boston-area bars, and in Fenway Park during the summer of 2004.

Tienes Fuego? (LP, 2002) - Acoustic recording, featuring percussionist Issam El-Ayadi on djembe and congas.

Is This Legal? (LP, 2001) - Solo acoustic debut.



Singer/songwriter Jon Gorey has performed in bars and cafes all over the world, from Seattle to Stockholm, since 2000, including packed full-band shows in New York City and his hometown of Boston. Some say his 2004 anthem The Scarlet Letter -- played on local radio and at Boston-area bars (including the famous Cask n Flagon, where the song was recorded live prior to Opening Day) -- helped the historically heartbreaking Red Sox win their first World Series title in 86 years.

Jon is a songwriter first and foremost -- the charismatic, booming baritone actually came much later. "The whole reason I wanted to learn an instrument as a teenager was just so I could write songs," he says. "That was all I was really aiming to do." But once he began performing in subway stations and on city street corners, vying to be heard over screeching trains and the urban din, his trademark powerful. passionate voice emerged.

At the same time, a busker was born. "That's a role I identify with more than any other," Jon says. "Street performance is where art, travel, and human relationships all intersect. And it's so honest. There are no microphones or amplifiers to get in the way."

After a 6-year recording drought, Jon returned to the studio in 2011 with his friend and award-winning artist Will Dailey to record six new songs. The result, "The Things You Keep," proved worth the wait. "This is the first time I've truly been proud of how a recording came out. People know me as a pretty modest guy but I cant help showing off these songs to everyone!"

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