Jon Groff

Jon Groff


Jon started playing the guitar at 7 years of age studying under Saskatchewan's own Jack Semple. He discovered his love for song writing in a high school music class. This 17 year old's thought provoking lyrics and original melodies create a folk/rock style not soon to be forgotten.


Jon started studying guitar at 7 years of age with Jack Semple. Now 17 and in grade 12 he continues his studies with Kris Craig. He has performed his original material both solo and with groups at numerous school functions over the last few years. As well he has experience as a pit musician. Last year he performed at a benefit concert in Regina for over 300 people.

Set List

original tunes include.... Champions of the Sky, Four Trees, Day We Met, Tragic Flaw, Untitled, Cloud of Inspiration, Last Walk of Sanity
Jon also plays and number of covers and is really comfortable with about a 50 minute set.