Jon Hines

Jon Hines

 Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, CAN

Cape Breton based singer songwriter, Jon Hines is back and ready to share his newly found voice. His technically crafted guitar pieces are accompanied by his low key sometimes crooner, sometimes raspy story telling voice.


Jon Hines is a Cape Breton singer songwriter, folk blues, and story teller. Growing up in rural Cape Breton, Jon spent a lot of his younger days sculpting a unique style of guitar playing and writing. 

Growing as both a writer and a player, Jon then went on to study music theory and recording engineering in Halifax. Where he recorded his first CD titled, “Gary the Bus Driver”. After finishing the new recording, Jon quickly hit the road on the East Coast. Being fortunate enough to tour the wonderful East Coast of Canada, and playing for the Newfoundland Folk Society. 

Jon has recently after a brief hiatus from writing and touring, picked up his guitar and started writing again. With a seemingly non-stop flow of songs pouring out of him. Jon sat down and recorded his new album “Wild Things Roam” at the end of 2017. While touring and drawing attention to his new collections of work, Jon had the opportunity of touring and opening for international touring artists, “Daniel Champagne” from Australia, and “Jesse Roper” from Victoria BC. 

Wild Things Roam, will be available later this year (2018) with the first single to be released now. The first single “Rainstorm In New Orleans”, was entered into an International Songwriting Competition where it was selected out of 16,000 songs to advance into the semi finals round of the competition. 


Rainstorm In New Orleans

Written By: Jon Hines,Victoria Hines

Well the rain keeps falling hard
and the wind keeps doing its part
I've been falling to my knees
caught in a rainstorm in New Orleans

With thunder like a rolling train
and your blue eyes crying in the rain
its enough to knock me to my knees
caught in a rainstorm in New Orleans

Oh I'll walk the line
carry on this road of mine
yeah follow this road wherever it goes
follow the signs all the way home

I'll pack up and leave for home
passing by where the wild things roam
leaving behind who I used to be
caught in a rainstorm in New Orleans
caught in a rainstorm in New Orleans


Jon Hines, Wild Things Roam, August 2018
Jon Hines, Colours, 2010 (Unreleased)
Jon Hines, Gary the Bus Driver, 2008

International Songwriting Competition semi finalists for 2017, Winners TBA in April of 2018. For song, "Rainstorm In New Orleans". 

Radio play on 1015 the hawk - 08
Radio interview / live performance; ECMA Radio "The Coast" 2010