joni dega

joni dega


Energetic-Hard Hitting-Raw and Rebellious! Those words have been used to describe the sound and style of Joni Dega- No comparisons can describe this urban legend - *check out the RACEMUSIC site on LIVEJOURNAL.COM to see what they said about Joni *


As one major label executive stated, ''Joni Dega is proof that black's do rock'' Live and direct from the city of Baltimore, Joni Dega brings the influence of music itself to his ever growing buzz. Getting 130,000 hits with only promo material, Joni Dega is making noise on the street and on the net. Focused on the old belief that artist have to play their dues, his show is a performance/party all in one, and proof that rock does exist in urban culture. Rocking at legendary NYC venues to college campuses, Joni Dega has a grassroot following that digs his sound, vibe and it factor.


Due to the world wide web Joni Dega has been heard various places and on many outlets. His material is currently in rotation on many college programs and international stations. His self titled release will be out later this year.

Set List

Maximum show time can be an hour-short set is twenty minutes- No covers-Straight rock and hardcore