Joni Dega

Joni Dega


I'm Black and I make Rock songs better than your favorite. Nuff Said.


Joni Dega is a multifaceted Rock & Roll musician that produces and writes music inspired from his personal life experiences and unique perspective. Joni considers his lyrics, musical composition skills and live performances, an outlet to express his growth as a person and development as a musician. He challenges traditional perspectives on Black Music and is a proponent of music education and diversity. Joni asserts his musical tastes have always been diverse despite criticism from the urban music scene: "I always liked all types of music. My friends from the urban community would look at me crazy because I would listen to rock-and-roll."

Joni's goal is to create music that transcends generation, race and genre. As an African American in a genre predominantly dominated by white Americans, Joni's road has been a turbulent but fulfilling journey towards self-improvement. As a youth, Joni struggled with poor decision making. He firmly believes that music is a positive outlet for youth that might otherwise lack direction and need an outlet for their emotions. Joni's decision to channel his energy into music and connecting with his fan base, has certainly paid off.

In the last year alone, Joni Dega has extended his fan base and reached over 35,000 followers on Twitter. He was recently interviewed by The Source online, as an upcoming Rock Artist in the NYC music scene. His performance schedule includes musical venues considered hallowed ground for up and coming performers in New York City, including but not limited to: Webster Hall, S.O.B's and Hiro Ballroom.

Joni Dega is currently recording his debut album. He plans to convert rock fans, one confused look at a time.

To learn more about Joni's unique sound, take a listen and download tracks for free on Bandcamp or follow the fervor on Twitter by following Joni Dega: