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"Jonin CD Review"

CD: JONIN 5-Song E.P.
Independent Release
Rating: 9 Out Of 10 - Reviewed by Bam-Bam

It would make my job a whole lot easier to tell you what North Carolina’s Jonin aren’t as opposed to what they are! Jonin are not Nu-Metal, although they would lay a band like Disturbed to rest in an all-out battle for who sounds more Metal and Commercial at the same time. Jonin are not Thrash, although their guitarists can hang note for note with any Exodus or early Metallica guitar solo you care to throw at them and even spit some twin-lead Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden your way as well! Jonin are not Modern Rock, although they have a singer who can croon with as much appeal as Tool/A Perfect Circle’s Maynard James Keenan and then stop on a dime and spew the same venomous angst as that heard in bands like Atreyu or Eighteen Visions. The fact is, Jonin aren’t like anything I think I’ve ever heard before and this is a very welcome truth. Combining a heavy dose of Hard Rock riffing with very Metal guitar leads, they add vocals that one would not normally expect on such a display, which is where the originality factor really comes in. Add to that the fact that they have a rhythm section that’s tighter than Gene Simmons’ purse strings, and you’ve got the makings of a success story ready to bloom. With five tracks total (mine had the original three-song demo and two bonus tracks), I found myself wanting to hear more, which is exactly what this band should be striving for as they make their way into the shopping process for a record deal. With a strong effort such as this, I don’t think their hopes for a major label to come knocking will be too far off. Available online at WWW.JONIN-KI.COM and Very Highly Recommended!!!

"Quote from DAYLIGHT DIES"

"The guys in Jonin have a gift for writing undeniably catchy songs that are honest, heavy and original. They manage to tread new ground with melody and technicality without ever sounding self-indulgent or losing sight of the song." - Egan O'Rourke, Daylight Dies - Egan O'Rourke (Bass)

"Jonin - Nothing More"

With a name derived from “leaders of elite warrior clans,” Jonin are certainly frontrunners in the metal wars, this Raleigh NC band burning up the south (and evidently, much of the internet – check out the competitive placements), with a polished metal sound similar to Into Eternity, but packed tightly for explosive impact. - Bravewords and Bloody Knuckles


2005 EP
Full Length Album in progress



The title of "Jonin" was once given to the leaders of elite warrior clans - mysterious men of wisdom and influence. The Jonin instilled in their followers a fierce determination - and the will to do what no one else would.

The Raleigh, NC quintet Jonin took on the moniker as a reflection of its members' ideals of what a band could be. Drawing comparisons to classic arena rock, European melodic metal, and contemporary alternative, Jonin is carving its own, unique path; defying expectations, shrugging off definitions.