Joni Nichols

Joni Nichols


We're a sweet to the soul, alternative pop-rock, rich in meaning, artful, moving, smooth and thoughtful without the whiny sap.


Singer/songwriter Joni Nichols, performing on piano and guitar as a duo or a full band, is new to Los Angeles, but not new to music. After writing and performing music for several years, In the Dark, her debut studio album, is a stepping out of the privacy in which she first began sharing music. We grow up doing the things that people clap for… taking the road of least resistance, most applause, taking on the definitions of others. Leaving those false identities of youth, there is a reckoning and re-defining of what we are made of--in the midst of a bombardment of conflicting messages. Some of us untie gradually the messy webs that get lodged in our minds, cutting one by one; but for her, it was five thousand at once. In the Dark encapsules that struggle and chronicles the standstill in which she remained a nonpublic performer for, what her fans will tell you, was too long!

Starting in a Lubbock coffeehouse which turned quickly into a band, she played a season in that area while recording In the Dark, then moved to Los Angeles.

Spanning quite a time period, there were plenty of songs to choose for the album, but wanting to give a taste of the full spectrum of her music and wanting also to capture the story, she chose songs from the very beginning. In this way, it’s a perfect introduction to her music and to where she's been. This is a journey that every goes through. It’s more gradual or comes later for others, but it’s about seeing yourself in the light... when you didn't even know you were in the dark at all.


Following Your Dreams

Written By: Joni Nichols

Lost his quarters in the rush
of moving on to the next thing,
and it's tragic when you're a
short boy and you're in the 4th grade. "Hurry up but don't run it's reading time and you're already late."

Teacher's waiting with a book--and a smile--she likes to read, and it's Friday and we are wearing our favorite things. "Boys and girls, you can change the world."

This must be what they call carrying the world on your shoulders, and this must be what they call following your dreams.

I got crazy in the rush of moving on to the next thing, and it's tragic when you're lost at home and you're 23, but one small word can change the world!

This must be what they call carrying the world on your shoulders, and this must be what they call following your dreams.

Have You Seen Her?

Written By: Joni Nichols

she is a master of the hats she wears
and she can hide her secrets well
she can mask manipulation with a manufactured smile
she learned too well to be a liar when the truth was not so pretty
learned too well to be a skeptic of everything she sees
she is a mystery
a devil in all-american clothes

have you seen her?
because I've seen her in me

now there's the one
who is so gentle
can't stand to step on a single toe
and she carries love around in her pocket

oh she knows too well disguises that you wrap around your heart
and she knows the power that makes the world go round
she is a mystery
and angel in last year's wings

have you seen her?
have you seen her in me?

battles rage silently
as the dark meets light
battle rage silently
as the black meets white

I should know better than to be surprised

I rose

Written By: Joni Nichols

they said go ahead and you'll find everything you need
they said look behind and find what you've been missing
they said look inside and put it together piece by piece
i searched everything
i searched everything

for my sin I was condemned to die by the law
and i died when you died
and i rose when you rose
that's what you said

one said i was special
one said i was too proud
one said i was not brave at all
one said I was just too loud
how can you survive with so many voices in your mind
you cannot survive
you cannot surivive


debut LP: in the dark

Set List

We arrange different sets for different venues:

Low key lounges/coffeehouses (duo or full band)
Clubs (duo or full band)

Occasional Covers: Tori Amos, Indigo Girls, Joni Mitchell, Amy Grant