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Its pleasanatly bluesy tracks include "One in a Million", the wry "Can You Hear Me Now?" (You'd better fix your brain, but you don't know how) and the more intese "Out of the Picture." All of the songs showcase Jones' appealing vocals, fluid guitar playing and knack for catchy tunes.
Rave! Friday, August 18, 2006 - Daily Breeze - Rave Section

"Scare Lenny Kravitz into Retirement?"

Something is happening but you don’t know what it is…do you Mr. Jones? Sort of. The title of this 25-year old Southern California singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist’s debut album is somewhat misleading - Jones is a one man band with a real drummer. Regardless, Band Not Included is a heavy record with a loveable retro vibe. The fuzz bass, solid back beats, simple riffs, guitars awash in a myriad of effects with an occasional sitar and drum loop thrown in are nothing short of enchanting. The mournful mid-tempo rocker “Killing Time” could come from the wasted lips of Stooge’s era Iggy Pop with Door Robbie Krieger providing jazz licks to underpin the singer’s pouting pathos. Led Zeppelin reunion got you stoked - then check out “Walking In The Rain” a cut worthy of side three of Physical Graffiti. The chord progression (and piano motif) to “I Wanna Be Your Dog” is put to good use in the opening cut “The Doctor” as Jones hits rock bottom (pun intended). Lordy, this record could scare Lenny Kravitz into retirement!

--Tom Semioli

- Amplifier Magazine


Jon Jones Band Not Included CD released 2006
Jon Jones Songs from the 2nd Circle CD released 2008



Top 100 Radio artists (only independent) for 2007. Currently "Try It Now" #15. Recent TV shows include Tim Qualls Philadelphia and Good Morning Arizona.

JON JONES BAND NOT INCLUDED: YOU CAN HEAR HIM NOW. Irresistible, introspective and even at times gut-wrenching, Jon Jones' music is not easily forgotten. At six feet, two inches tall, Jon Jones is an imposing figure whose presence is easily felt once he steps on to the stage. When he speaks, he speaks through his music and writes about issues that effect everybody everyday. His thoughts run as deep as his bluesy baritone voice and when he is on stage, you can do nothing but sit up and listen. What you hear --- what you feel --- is restless, brash rhythms and brooding, soul-searching words. It is a combination that makes you want to hear more. That is the genius of Jon Jones Band Not Included, each song takes on a personality of it's own. His longtime producer, Darian Rundall, has worked with bands ranging from Pennywise to Yellowcard and loves Jon Jones' original sound. "Jon Jones is a breath of fresh air in the homogeneity of modern alternative music," says Rundall. "He embodies the experimental spirit that was the hallmark of the late 60's-early 70' scene, and is sorely lacking today."