Jon Landers

Jon Landers

 Danbury, Connecticut, USA

My music is a combination of nostalgia and humor when needed. I am a writer/composer and have to thank Bobbi Tammaro at Funkee Boy Music for making my stuff nice to listen to from the rough version to a nice finished piece.


I started to write and compose a little late in life after a divorce from a marriage of 29 years. It started out as therapy for me until I joined Connecticut Songwriters Association and met Bobbi and Leila. Their talents and friendship has been the force behind my continued efforts.


This Special Moment

Written By: Jon Landers

This special moment
When we say I do
I do
I love you

Our special time
In this beautiful space
We share our vows
In this wedding place

Becoming one
From two hearts
Taking our vows
To never part

I take your hand
And you take mine
We say our vows
Again, for the first time

I’ll take care of you
Through the good and the bad
I will comfort you
When you are sad

We begin a journey
A life of love
Traveling the world
Just like a dove

Becoming one
From two hearts
Taking our vows
To never part

I take your hand
And you’ll take mine
We say our vows again
For the first time

I will nurture you
Take comfort in you
I will cherish you
For the rest of my life

You make me whole
You give me hope
Soul mates for life
You, my wife

This special moment
When we say our vows
I do
I love you

Mid-Life Crisis Blues

Written By: Jon Landers

I’ve got the midlife crisis blues
All the way down to my shoes
Don’t know how long it’s going to last
As it sure ain’t no blast

Don’t know how long it’s going to take
I’ve made enough of my own mistakes
Boy, what a life
Already lost a wife

I’ve got two left feet
They aint’ goin’ to meet
The right one yet
This ain’t goin’ to rhyme
So don’t give me a hard time

You look at yourself in the mirror
And what do you see
Ohh, Lordy
It’s just me

I feel something shaking
I wonder what that’s from
Look on down
Ohh, Lordy, it’s my tum

I feel something creeking
Oh, I wonder what that’ll be
Good Lord
That’s just me

You try to lift some weight
You start to hesitate
You do try
But, Oh my

There was a time when everything was going your way
Then suddenly you turn
And, ohh, it just went the other way
Before you could see it coming
Ohh, Lord, the other way

Used to be I could drive like a shooting star
Now, watch out, can’t get it too far
Used to make love over Niagara
Now I find I’m needing some Viagara

There was a young man that had it all there
The next thing he looked, he was an ugly bear

Used to be the day was all mine
Now I can’t wait for daylight savings time

Yeah, I got the mid life crisis blues
All the way down to my shoes
You don’t see it coming
You don’t have a clue
But when it hits
It gives you the blues


I only have a CD titled "My Three Songs" which is literally my three finished pieces produced at Funkee Boy Music. I have a bunch of other stuff in the raw stages, just haven't had the time to finish them yet.

Set List

I actually don't do sets; I joined Sonicbids to just get my music out there. I am open to others using my material and open to collaborating with others on new stuff. Just get in touch with me if you're interested.