Jon Lloyd

Jon Lloyd


With a soulful, eclectic mix of pop, rock, rhythm and blues, Jon's style can only be described as "soul rock." Entrancing guitar melodies and soulful vocals make the music overflow with haunting emotion.


Since the release of his debut album in 2004, Jon Lloyd has been making lots of beautiful noise throughout the Southeastern United States. His soulful, kick-back style and dynamic rhythms and melodies are sure to get feet tapping and hearts fluttering.

Jon grew up the son of a church organist in Southeastern North Carolina. He evolved musically through church choirs and various small ensembles and, in his teens, taught himself piano and guitar. As early as Junior High, Jon was recognized as one of the top trumpet players in the state. Blessed with a voice that falls somewhere between Craig David and Ryan Cabrera, and immense songwriting skills, he now combines his diverse musical roots to provide a truly unique melodic experience.

Not surprisingly, Jon's influences range anywhere from Brian McKnight to Al Green to the Goo Goo Dolls. Though his first songwriting endeavors tended toward a bubblegum pop style, for Jon music extends beyond catchy hooks and syrupy-sweet sentiments. As his forthcoming second album proves, Jon hopes to strike a chord in the souls of many fans, underneath.

The “Underneath” album hails from Jon’s most prolific period as a songwriter and includes lyrics and compositions that showcase the sincerity with which he sings. At first listen, songs like “These are the Times” and “Blind Eyes” leave their mark in the mind as any good pop song does, by producing a catchy line that becomes very easy to sing along to, long after the song has finished playing. Those who truly take note of the songs’ essentials, however, will find explorations of deeper motifs, like the consequences honest artists face or the bravery required to maintain successful relationships. “I really feel this is my best writing yet,” Jon says of his most recent batch of songs. Excitedly, he adds, “I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next, to see what we, the fans and everyone involved, can make happen.”

Perhaps the greatest attraction to Jon’s music comes from his ability to communicate profound themes in an extremely relatable manner, within the form of a solid pop/rock song. Jon says of his songwriting process, “Whatever it is that is special to you, you have to find ways to keep it and work at it, and then if you’re an artist, to share it with other people.” And indeed the idea of preserving the significance of what happens in life can be heard on the “Underneath” album.

The album’s strength, though, does not belie the experience of a live Jon Lloyd show. Accessible, sharp, and comfortable, Jon forms a strong connection with his audience both on and off stage. Though he typically plays with an accomplished band that believes in sound music fundamentals as well as the art of having a good time, Jon sometimes offers an intimate solo performance. His comfort level and genuine demeanor, coupled with his band’s polished and relaxed sound, allow an audience to feel they’ve not only enjoyed a good time at a show but also made a new friend, one they can revisit as often as they like with the touch of a “play” button. What started as a local solo show project has blossomed into a full-band touring endeavor, with dates in diverse venues across North and South Carolina and beyond. No matter how people experience his music, once they catch sight of Jon’s work, they’ll want to keep watching with wide-open eyes.


All Night Long

Written By: Jon Lloyd

I know the hardest part of bein' alone is sittin' at home
Waiting for true love
You're sick of all those other players
But girl, I'm here to save you
From those who are unworthy of your love

So what I wanna say to you is that I find you so amazing
And all I wanna do is help you find your everlasting
So listen to me when I say that

Baby you don't have to worry
I'm not gonna hurry
I'm gonna be here all night long
I know that everything is blurry
But tell me all your worries
I wanna know what's going on with you

So did he take away your heart
And run off in the dark
And leave you with nothing but questions
Well now that I'm here by your side with nothing to hide
Baby girl, here's my confession

I love the way you walk, I love to hear you talk, I love when you look at me
You're an angel here on earth
Let me show you what you're worth
I'm so glad that finally, oh finally
I can tell you that


Now dry those tears, baby
And have no fear
I'll be here through everything
I'll keep you by my side, baby
All through the night
I'll treat you like a queen
There's no one that will hurt you
And I'll never desert you
You can count on me
So now let me take your hand
And lead you to another land
A place where we can spend our time
And never say goodbye



Single - My Time (2001)
Single - Burn (2001)
EP - My Time (2001)
Single - Everything From Me (2003)
EP - (eLement)
Single - Blind Eyes (TBD)
EP - Underneath (2006)

Set List

Original Songs:
everything from me
blind eyes
with me
if i was you
all night long
back in time
let me go
these are the times
everything is gone
how's it gonna end
movin' along
with you by my side
you won't fall
it doesn't matter anyway

cover songs:
you'll think of me (keith urban)
bad day (fuel)
get your way (david ryan harris)
fall baby fall (ryan cabrera)
rendevous (craig david)
you're beautiful (james blunt)
3am (matchbox 20)
you and me (lifehouse)
crazy (seal)

Sets range from 1.5 hours to 3 hours depending on venue and event.