Jon MIDI and The Codeman

Jon MIDI and The Codeman

BandHip Hop

Our music is a combination of the many rappers we enjoy, our sense of humor, and our personal lives. We have great chemistry onstage and appeal to a wide variety of music fans.


Began as a side project from our old band, HOTRG, and now a full-time endeavor. In the beginning, both Midi and Code rhymed over ripped beats. Through the years, Midi excelled in MCin and Code with beats. As personal differences in HOTRG began breaking the band apart, word was getting around about the hot new rap group and fans were demanding more Midi and Code. After the break up of HOTRG, Midi and Code went into full effect and the duo produced over 3 albums worth of material. Though Midi is known for MCin’ and Code for beats, MIDI still makes some Ill beats (check out "Thumbit" and "Growing Minds") and Code rocks the mic (check out "It's Nice LIVE") and is the outspoken "hype man" of the group in live shows. MIDI's lyrics cover a range of topics - from personal despair, politics, societal issues, or basic human desires - and can be serious or sarcastic, cynical or optimistic, and always entertaining. Code's beats have been compared to RZA and Premier, but with a style all his own.


Various demos

Set List

We have about 20 songs that we pick and choose from depending on the venue, how long the set is going to be, other acts in the show, and what we feel we will be best overall for the show.