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Jon Moodie

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"A Couple of East Coast EPs From Two Great Musicians"

Next up is singer/songwriter Jon Moodie with a collection of acoustic songs called "Bare Bones." The EP is Jon's first attempt to get these songs heard by the general public. He is currently developing these songs with a full band for his full-length album debut sometime in 2013.

Jon's voice on "Take It Slow" echos that of fellow singer/songwriter Ray Lamontagne with his rough, but warm vocal delivery. Jon takes a more folk-protest approach to "I'm Right," before turning on the blues in "Gypsy." He can also turn on the charm with his storytelling lyrics in "Get Loved." It will be interesting to her some of these songs with a full-band behind them. I just hope these songs don't lose their uniqueness.
- JP's Music Blog

"First Listen: Jon Moodie"

Thanks to a few top secret connections, I was recently lucky enough to snag a first listen at a very promising new NY based singer-songwriter, Jon Moodie. Armed only with a guitar and a powerful, enchanting voice, Moodie is a genre-bending storyteller poised to make some serious waves. Equal parts blues, rock, indie, and even reggae, Moodie takes the notion of the folksy singer-songwriter and turns it on its head– and then some.

Moodie, an extremely prolific songwriter, is many things; first and foremost, however, he is honest. He gives everything he’s got when he’s singing, and the result is a raw– yet never overpowering– emotional experience. Each song is a journey that the listener will be only too eager to take. When he sings, “let’s feel alive tonight,” you can’t help but think that you would feel whatever it is that Moodie wanted you to.

Despite his power, there is a gentleness to Moodie’s songs that make them all too appealing. His flow is soft and magnetic, carrying the listener on an adventure that is both familiar and oftentimes unexpected. There is comfort in the rise and falls of his voice, reminiscent of the best vintage blues. Moodie may be paving the path to super stardom, but his organic, profound simplicity is making the journey all too easy.
- Lo Dibz: The Enemy

"Jon Moodie"

“Jon Moodie is a talent as large, subtle and complex as I have
encountered, with a voice as soulful as his melodies are haunting, and
lyrics that speak as movingly of sorrow as of love, of bitter regret
as of transcendent joy. In Jon Moodie, I believe may be found a
talent that could well come to define a generation.”
- Drew Hopkins (former managing editor "Spin" and "Interview" magazines)


Barebones: Early Sessions



Jon Moodie resides on NYC’s lower East Side, a far cry from his life-long home in a quiet, isolated town in the Catskills. His rare voice, a sultry instrument of its own, bites, shakes, and trances, heralding him as a burgeoning icon.

From boy prodigy in trumpet, to guitar (albeit just three years ago), music finally led Jon to his core talents as a singer and songwriter. Jon’s voice, flow and lyrics first leant themselves to a folk-like rendition of reggae. Jon went into the Midtown Sound recording studio and teamed up with Grammy-nominated producer John White to record his debut EP. Jon also played with fellow Catskill native John Bernstein in an acoustic roots duo (Grassroot Beginnings), and gained a loyal following.

In 2010 however, Jon was exploring other musical expressiveness. Leaving behind reggae, he ventured freely, and expanded massively — leaping into brave chord changes, an unparalleled vocal sound, and a soulfulness that clearly defines who he is as a man. By fall, 2010, he was signed to Big House Publishing.

Jon wows with his prolific writing, crafting song after song, day after day, one rivaling the other in scope and ingenuity. With an overwhelming 80 songs already accepted into Big House’s catalog, Jon has also been signed by their indie record label, Big House Independent.

Jon Moodie’s music is positively substantive. His passion is palpable. His soulfulness and musical diversity stretch his works across generational gaps, international boundaries, and comfortably bend the fences between musical genres. His versatility in performance and song writing alike is reminiscent of the legends in Rock & Roll and Blues while his flow and variations are powerfully contemporary. And, that voice…for all of the exceptional aspects of Jon as a singer/songwriter, it is his voice that calls to the masses