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I'm trying to begin the "Lyrical but Spiritual" movement. I am beginning it with my Gospel raps of praise for the Lord. The roots it comes from is Hip-Hop but it then turns into powerful Gospel music. I promote my faith through every lyric and all I can hope is that it touches people everywhere.


It’s Jon Moreno, baby!
Lyrical but Spiritual

Brief Bio:
Born in Manhattan, New York but raised in Bridgeport, CT, I began writing and composing at the age of 13. It began as a hobby and something to fill in the space between school, work and sleep.

Never taking my music too serious, I went by the alias of "HaLo" where I finally realized slight potential. I'd battle MCs from school for practice and would freestyle whenever possible to expand my skills.

Growing up in a tough neighborhood, I began to coincide my music with my upbringings and struggles. Music became my journal. From heartbreak to growing up always being the underachiever, my music told the story.

At the age of 15, I attended a church service nearby my neighborhood and I hardly looked back since. I began writing music solely for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. By the age of 16, I recorded my first full length album entitled, "Outcast." I hit subjects such as leaving behind people who were negative influences to my feelings on my family who are not converted to simple songs of praise.

I am now 18 years of age and completed my second album by the name of "Lyrical but Spiritual", a movement in which I hope to encourage others to be themselves without letting the ones who criticize to stop them. Not only that but I intend to show the world that Gospel rappers can bring it with substantial lyrics while sending a critical message. "Lyrical but Spiritual" is a project that serves respect to hip-hop while also praising the Lord. Thank You. God bless.


Foolish Games

Written By: Jon Moreno

(Verse 1)
Your playing these foolish games// Saying these foolish thangs//
Wonder when once again it'll be you with Him//
The things that you're doing, man// You ain't being true to Him//
This is just stupid, man// But ever since losing Him//
Everything has just compacted and the pressure is more//
A pressure that was just a nip when you could get to the Lord//
So what has changed// not cha name, not cha face//
It's your spirit, your intentions not the same// You're not praying, you just ain't//
What you were// You knew His word// knew the truth// knew what to do//
Knew where to go// Knew what to say// where to move// You knew you//
Not no more// You got no more// Heart to go// where you belong//
All these songs// are not just songs// It's my life, it's your life//
All our lives reflect my words// At one time// I'd die to learn// All I could// All I would//
But somehow I// somehow died// And I cry// But I'm the one// who said bye bye//
Not the Lord// Not Sarai// It was me// It was I// So this is why//

(Verse 2)
Your playing these foolish games// saying these foolish thangs//
Wonder when once again, it'll be you with Him//
Save me, I'm sinking, man// This ain't me who's living, man//
I do things without thinking, man// Do things without thanking Him//
We forgot this ain't us// We just became complainers//
The world is now material// so we forgot w-what made us//
Now, we look at the surface, without considering within//
But it almost feels too late, to ever come back again//
But it never is// Until He comes// but then that is when we done//
If we don't bring Him back to our hearts and begin to see Him//
My Pastors want me back, the church just ain't the same//
Only God can save me, Superhero on His way to save the day//
Save the same// person who betrayed Him// Person who delayed, when//
They knew that It was time, time to return to Him//
When enough was enough// When it was time for church again//
When it was time to switch sides// When it was time to burn again//

(Verse 3)
I write the best when my heart hurts// The best when my heart bursts//
The best when my heart learns// A new lesson//
When my heart works// No more// I need go with Him//
Cuz with the Lord with you the answer's never No with Him//
Must live on through my loved ones// Cuz I know someone//
Will be motivated by my words// to get somethin done//
Jon Moreno could never get fame//
As long as one song saved a soul even if after I never get played//
I wouldn't care// You can trash the album if it isn't for you//
Cuz I ain't livin// and spittin// and I don't kick it for you
I do it for One// To move mountains// To prove thousands//
and millions that anyone can be great//
With Him, there ain't a delay// you couldn't replace//
The satisfaction you get from God but they try to negate//
The act of being saved as if it's only for those cowards//
But I gotta that change that mindset with the Holy Sprit's power//

I Breathe

Written By: Jon Moreno

(Verse 1)
It's funny how life has it's ways of working out//
It's funny how what you thought would help, is hurting now//
It's funny how you wish your mind can blur it out//
It's funny how you regret the way things are turning out//
But all of those things you keeping to yourself//
If it's a peer that brings you down, then remove yourself//
Improve yourself// Yeah, keep on looking up//
Keep on moving up// No, Never you'll get stuck//
And if ever you get stump// Then call on the Lord//
Fall on the Lord// Leave it all to the Lord//
And watch what He does// So don't stop giving up//
You've got to keep up// And the top you'll end up//
So stop trying, to put it all on your shoulders//
Cuz as soon as you thought it was over//
There's that one man who lifts you up//
Picks you up// Uplifts you, gets you up// Yes, He does//

(Verse 2)
You never what's in store// What's gonna come//
You looked down to those troubled never be one of them//
Is what you told yourself// Cuz you know youself//
And if you think you can do it remember, that you won't youself//
Everything you've gained can be lost in a heart beat//
So thank the Lord for it// Don't get lost like car keys//
And if they wanna bring you down I'm telling you don't let em//
If they front when you around I'm telling you don't sweat em//
Roll it off your shoulder// you're the Lord's soldier//
So hold your rifle up with pride// Mission isn't over//
You're here to touch people// Here to love people//
Here to make a change in those in the name of one hero//
Jesus// He's just// the best to go to//
Jesus// He's just// the best that knows you//
All you go through// And He's right there to see it//
All it takes is one encounter for them to believe it//

(Verse 3)
I'm cold// I know// I need the fire of the Holy Spirit//
Pray to myself I know the Lord is who only hears it//
Here when// I was alone// I needed someone//
And through it all I've realized Jesus someone//
to get to know again// we lost touch//
Need to reaquiant myself// I lost such//
A joy that was evident to everyone//
And wasn't afraid to deliver His message to anyone//
I need that back// That was what defined me//
So without that what am I? I have no meaning//
I want no ceiling// To what I can become//
I want to be a representation of everything He's done//
Look at me// I carried no firmness//
But that was a feeling that was almost immediately burried in the dirt, when//
I accepted Jesus as my savior// which is the key//
It makes me proud to know the Spirit's living in me//

Good Enough

Written By: Jon Moreno

(Verse 1)
I'm clueless to where I stand// Clueless to where I am//
The place that I feared I am// Wasn't dealt the fairest hand//
I made a mistake// And it's too late to reverse it//
I'm contemplating the decision, question if it was worth it//
I'm writing these lyrics // As I'm asking for His spirit//
The one I used to cherish// The one I used to declare when//
I was down but lifted up// I was out and given up//
But now I have seen enough// Can't allow this building up//
I've said it so many times but I need to become a man//
This route I'm in isn't it it's time to think of another plan//
My faith is starting to seep through the gap under the door//
I remember when I felt Him, threw em up and wanted more//
I need to restore my faith// I need it before the day//
He returns to this world to for His seeds and take them away//
I need to be one// Need to go// When He comes for his people//
This world is full of evil// I need Him to save me, He's my hero//

(Verse 2)
I'm no longer in His house// My pastors are worried sick//
Being told lies to prevent them from knowing the story, this//
Situation is one where all I know who I should go to seek//
He's the only One who hears me crying when I go to sleep//
I need to keep the faith// Reading what Jesus say//
Any time is time for a miracle, wil this be the day//
I'm no longer myself, it's apparent to others//
I don't need to be this cold, I'm no longer sharing the covers//
I want the fire back// Want the desire back//
I wanna fry, I wanna burn// like when a wire's bad//
I know I need to do something, I need to change my life//
I'm willing to let it all go Lord// anything, name your price//
Cuz everything I have, is nothing without your consent//
Tape me up inside Lord// How can I repay my debt?//
I'm your soldier In this world, I know I can make a difference//
But it isn't how it used to be// It's obvious what's missing//

(Verse 3)

I'm reaching my limit// Something's gotta give//
I've been cold for too long// my spirit's gotta live//
I've lost so many people// I'm living a different life//
Everything with meaning has left// when will I get it right//
The only thing that gives me any credibility's the Lord//
And I'm as empty as can be before getting it restored//
I remember at the altar, the way my soul felt//
The way my tears poured, my knees shook, my bones felt//
One on one with God, never felt anything so special//
Yes, I may stumble through the struggle but will never let go//
No matter how down, how beat, I seem to be//
My fight inside will show the world just what He means to me//
This life is no joke and I ain't trying to be one//
A soldier in the Lord's army, I'm dying to be one//
My strength is my strength, and the Lord is my backbone//
The Holy Spirit's fires in me,I'm ready to attack, so//

We Need Him

Written By: Jon Moreno

(Verse 1)

I do this for a living but in fact it keeps me livin//
I do this for Bridgeport, the city that I live in//
I do this for my Lord He who keeps me believin//
I do this for the troubled man may God never leave him//
I do this for the puzzled girl who wonders why her parents fight//
I do this for the world the one that seems there's barely light//
I do this for a reason// and as long I'm breathing//
I feel like this is my purpose// Through this people see Him//
Through this people feel Him// Through this people cheer Him//
And chant His name// and praise His name// Through this people fear Him//
And accept Him as their savior which will always change this life//
It's hard to be stay stable when you feel it's safe inside//
To keep the struggle there// To keep the trouble there//
Let it out in a praise and you will never have to wonder where//
You'll be// when the Lord returns// You'll be right there with Him//
If you're ever tempted to go remember the light here's with Him//

(Chorus 2x)
Everywhere I go I see// Someone inside yelling please//
They lost what made them believe// this is telling me//

We need Him right now// We need Him right now//
Cuz people are crying, crying until the lights out//
We need Him right now// We need Him right now//
Cuz people are dying without accepting Christ now//

(Verse 2)
We need Him right now// We need that faith again//
We bleeding right now// We need it the same again//
The youth was up and praising uplifting the church//
And I'm standing up like a man, I've been sinning the worse//
Nothing in my life has gone right, since I left//
I made a vow to Christ and was gonna keep it till the death//
But I somehow slipped, somehow left and lost who I became//
So I sometimes think, somehow get why I am this way these days//
Didn't pray, didn't praise, didn't say to anyone//
That my life was missing something and I know that many've done//
The things I've done, the same mistakes//
But I was looked up to it just ain't this way//
It wasn't long ago I was at altar praising with my hands up with tears for the Lord//
My youth is vital to who I am and will be and was I giving all these years to the Lord//
So here's to the Lord// who never turns His back//
We can be the same again I know we can turn it back//
I know we have problems but we can work on that//
Let's make it how it was we can get that service back//
The ones when we were all strong// we all praised//
And if we had to, we'd be in church all day//
The time didn't matter// The Spirit dictated//
How long service was// So c'mon let's make it//

(Chorus 2x)
Everywhere I go I see// Someone inside yelling please//
They lost what made them believe// this is telling me//

We need Him right now// We need Him right now//
Cuz people are crying until the lights out//
We need Him right now// We need Him right now//
Cuz people are dying without accepting Christ now//

(Verse 3)
So I put my hands up, and close my eyes//
Nothing I've felt is hurting my soul, my pride//
More than the fact I decided to leave//
A moment of weakness so I'm crying this plead//
That when I'm at the altar, I feel you again//
Uplift the church in His name, I will do again//
The feeling being lost, dont wanna go through again//
And no one can ever be closer a friend// then Him//

I Miss It

Written By: Jon Moreno

(Verse 1)

Remember back when we would go to church every Saturday//
And have our own services together and had it no other way?//
When were right and our all is what we gave to the Lord//
But now it's like it never happened it ain't the same anymore//
When we learned choruses and we sung as one up at the altar//
It's crazy how when our youth campaign was done how we just faltered//
My heart can't help but feel the hurt when reminiscing//
I'm sorry but those times were the best since I converted and I miss it//

(Verse 2)
I look around the aisle that was once full of my peers//
Who said they'd never leave the church with a face that looked so sincere//
But now that row are just empty seats with one peer next to me//
Youth I saw feelin His presence I never would've guessed they'd leave//
So we slowly faced a change// noticed things just ain't the same//
And the Lord has kept me in His house I'm aware I can't complain//
But it's a shame to see after all that we've been through, what we've become//
It's sad but I wanna cry everytime now when I see us//

(Verse 3)
We're all doing our things, it's just the nature of life//
But I remember when we did it all for our Savior, our Christ//
But we had no idea that this would happen later in life//
I had no clue to our bond that we'd be saying goodbye//
I'm sorry for any part that I've taken in our demise//
I just hope it can rekindle but for that I pray to the sky//
Lord, I ask You to remove the bad that's invading our lives//
I love you all ya'll my brothers and what can I say, it's just I//

I'm missing all the laughs// I'm missing what he had//
Now, I'm sitting all the time// And can't believe that it's the past//
Wish we get it back// And this time let it last//
And after having such blessing to let it go, it's just sad//

Lyrical but Spiritual

Written By: Jon Moreno

(Verse 1)
Lyrical but Spiritual, that's why I'm different//
The Holy Spirit in their heart, that's what they missin//
Nothing's going right, so they taking a left turn//
They runnin from the Lord// whenever life gets worse//
They left burnt// While I'm burning with the Holy Spirit//
Wait a minute// These Christian's MC's can kick it//
Can spit it// While living// and giving// Their life//
To the Lord// You was wrong// if you thought//
We couldn't do it// Sorry ya plans are ruined//
We takin over// like the Lord did to our lives//
We here to change the world, what I'm spittin ain't lies//
I'm givin my life// To fulfill my purpose on earth//
And what you heard in this verse// is from learning His Word//
Make sure you don't swerve// with no faith, you'll go crazy//
And it's hard to keep your head up like a newborn baby//
So it's easy to lose track// and harder to move back//
To the life that you had// make sure you don't lose that//
Fire and ambition// envision// His presence//
It's vivid// He's here// It's clear// The sins is forgiven//
You're with Him// It's filling// You're winnin, you're killin//
The villain// That liar// You're will is// enstilling//
The Holy Spirit// the only spirit// that makes the devil leave peeling//

Callin' On The Lord

Written By: Jon Moreno

Why only when we doubt// Why only when we out//
Why only when we down// Is when we callin' on the Lord?//
Why are we callin' on the Lord//
Only when we need Him?// Only when we weeping?//
Is when we wanna see Him?//
We callin' on the Lord//
Whenever times are hard// When your inside tears apart//
Is when we decide to start//
To call up on to the Lord//
After everything that He did// After we actually feel Him//
Is when we decide to leave Him//

(Verse 1)
Same things are no longer a joy// I've realized I'm no longer a boy//
I know I can no longer avoid// Decisions go on make a choice//
There's so many in this life but the wrong one// Can end up with you hurt in the long run//
Do things with no worth then it's all done// Not seein that you've hurt all your loved ones//
So I gotta put in work to be someone// Must apply things never learned as a young one//
And so I dont have to search as a lost one// I know I must serve only just One//
One God// But becomin a man faster than I expected hittin me hard//
With so many things in the way I can't disregard// Gotta make a plan quick if I'm gettin that far//
In fullfilling God's dream and road for me// Gotta stay in the path God chose for me//
Nothin but judgement here thrown at me// But I'll end up strong with Him watching over me//
I'm going to be// What He put in my heart// And then turn it on fully as soon as I start//
And if this is for me all I've been doin so far// Is nothin I plan to do things who would've thought//
I was capable of// life is crazy it's tough// It took to grow up to see mom ain't makin this up//
But why raising them up// Is such a task for us?// Why do we back off when He asks from us?//
Do we lack the trust// we need to have?// To see the path//
It seems He has// left but it's us, we chose to leave Him flat// That's why I'm right here cuz I just need to ask// Why?

Why only when we doubt// Why only when we out//
Why only when we down// Is when we callin' on the Lord?//
Why are we callin' on the Lord//
Only when we need Him?// Only when we weeping?//
Is when we wanna see Him?//
We callin' on the Lord//
Whenever times are hard// When your inside tears apart//
Is when we decide to start//
To call up on to the Lord//
After everything that He did// After we actually feel Him//
Is when we decide to leave Him//

(Verse 2)
Same things are no longer the same// You've realized that all of this change//
Is a big part of what some call a game// This life can drive us insane//
Inside of the brain// And inivite us to pain// And when it's over just invite you to stay//
You're fightin all day// Tryin to pray// Try to maintain despite what they say//
Your eyes in the rain// Seem to blend in//
All the anguish in your heart must just be kept in//
And not let in// anyone that can hurt you.. but you already left them//
Let the pain set in// Till your numb to it//
No one in this world has ever gone through it//
Anyone who tries to tell help just sounds stupid//
Nothing makes sense anymore now do it?//
What happened to faith?// It's like it *snap* went away//
When back in the day// You were happy to praise//
Happy to say// You're right with the Lord//
But it's clear to us all your fightin a war//
You decide to ignore// Everyone around you//
You forgot how to// Go to the Lord//
When you know that Lord// is hearing you//
I swear to you// He'll be there for you//

Why only when we doubt// Why only when we out//
Why only when we down// Is when we callin' on the Lord?//
Why are we callin' on the Lord//
Only when we need Him?// Only when we weeping?//
Is when we wanna see Him?//
We callin' on the Lord//
Whenever times are hard// When your inside tears apart//
Is when we decide to start//
To call up on to the Lord//
After everything that He did// After we actually feel Him//
Is when we decide to leave Him//

(Verse 3)
I've been blessed, there's so many things in life that the Lord has gave to me//
The constant things I've received there's no way, this just ain't for me//
He's given me so much but I ask myself what have I given to Him?//
Because it seems after a blessing, I'm back to sinning again//
And it isn't right for my pastors to look up to me//
The pressure I'm under at times feels too tough for me//
I hold it in with a grin// Let out with this pen//
Cuz again I am in// In a route that I can't//
Get out of// I'm bout to// Throw it all in//
I'm looked up so much, they never saw me fallin'//
Young bright mind//, and he's serving the Lord//
But my mind// knows hurting the Lord//
Cuz I work for the Lord// And I learn from the Lord//
In this Earth for the Lord// Claim His word is my sword//
So when I'm too blind to use it... He looks down on me//
There's nothing worse cuz I want Him to be proud of me//
And despite of me// comitting these errors//
Time for a changeup.. its the end of an "ERA"//
Inside, Yes, I know that


No singles or radio airplay but I do have a blog where my songs can be heard and as well as a YouTube where I post video blogs to get known and freestyles to expand my audience. I also have one music video that a friend and I produced, directed, and starred in ourselves. I have two albums, "Outcast" and "Lyrical but Spiritual."

Set List

I have about 30-40 songs recorded. This is the tracklisting of my latest album:

1. Lyrical but Spiritual
2. Gotta Know The Truth (feat. Jason)
3. I Miss It
4. Story To Tell (Interlude)
5. Church Boy
6. Get Right
7. No Matter What I Do
8. Too Late (Interlude)
9. Callin' On The Lord
10. I Breathe
11. Good Enough
12. Gotta Come Back
13. Foolish Games
14. We Need Him
15. Back Home