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Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | INDIE

Los Angeles, CA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Rock Pop




"Jon Mullane - Shine Album Review"

When it comes to writing songs that connect with listeners, we just can’t leave out Jon Mullane. The Canadian rock artist is known for his ability to write songs that mirror the emotions of the human condition intertwined with timeless and inspirational themes, positive messages, and observations of modern culture.

Thus it wasn’t by accident that Jon’s success in commercial radio play and chart success came as prominently as his songs did, in an era where major label artists dominate the scene. His passion for excellence and a power to inspire is evident of what he puts on his Facebook page: "If you can remember the melody and hear it in your head after you've listened to a song of mine and it makes you feel something, then I've succeeded as a songwriter. That's always been my personal gold standard - that the song sticks."

In his latest full-length album Shine, the Canadian rock artist showcases a diverse range of rock/pop songs with undeniable hooks, epic ballads and meaningful lyrics. Jon's success as a radio charting artist keeps moving forward with the first single from Shine - "My New American Girl", a fun, playful super catchy pop song that has broken into the top 40 at #32 on the Billboard Hot AC Indicator chart in the US. On top of that, the song was also featured in an episode of CBS' Young & The Restless and was nominated for a Hollywood Music In Media award in the Pop category.

Shine was produced and recorded in Toronto with co-writer/producer Creighton Doane, and is the second album the pair have worked together on. Jon's previous album, Shift included the hit singles "Make You Move" and "The One That Got Away", a charting Billboard Top 40 single in Canada. Shine contains a brand new 'Hot Mix' version of "The One That Got Away" as an added bonus track.

Beyond America’s shores, the internationally acclaimed rock singer/songwriter has album releases in parts of North America, Europe, and Asia where he has deservingly received countless accolades. In addition, his music has been featured in numerous films and television shows. He has also released several national charting radio singles, and has an extensive list of high profile concert appearances.

Now that’s what I call a rockstar in the making.

Read more at - The Celebrity Cafe'

"Mullane Gets ready To Shine"

NOW IS THE TIME for Jon Mullane to Shine.

On Tuesday, the Halifax pop-rocker is releasing his third album under his own name — he previously recorded under the moniker Jonathan M — on

“The Source was about reinventing myself,” Mullane says of his 2007 release. “It was about drawing from the source of inspiration.”

Shift, released in 2010, was about a shift in energy and momentum.

“I’d had the song in the Olympics (Make You Move) and it was about getting back to my rock roots.

“Shine — it’s the time to shine now. I’ve got the other albums under my belt and I’m pleased with what’s happening with radio play. People are enjoying the songs.”

Mullane has been working on the new album with Creighton Doane for about a year. He and drummer Doane (Honeymoon Suite, Harem Scarem) co-wrote the 10 uptempo tunes that include the debut single My New American Girl, now at No. 32 on the U.S. Billboard/BDS adult contemporary chart.

The tall, lean performer is a self-described perfectionist when it comes to writing tunes.

“I’m never satisfied,” he says with a grin.

A lot of the songs on Shift are inspired by a phrase, by something he saw on TV or a conversation he had.

Take Born Beautiful.

“I saw something on Facebook, a phrase — and I’m paraphrasing — ‘I wish I was ugly so people would love me for who I am and not just for my looks.’

“We’re such a culture that is focused on appearances. It relates to bullying. You have to have faith and the strength to know you’re a beautiful person inside, have the strength to work through the stuff you are being criticized for on the outside.”

Mullane, who grew up in Halifax and graduated from St. Patrick’s High School, says he was bullied in junior high and grade school.

“That stays with you,” he says, adding that everyone has had their own negative experiences. He hopes society will eventually become more tolerant.

Mullane wrote the chorus for Way Up about five years ago and then rejigged it for Shine. It is “upbeat and very uplifting. It’s about a guy and a girl who knew each other and were boyfriend and girlfriend and met up again later in life.”

He says it will likely be the second single off the album.

Mullane says he’s always been interested in American culture, “the way they celebrate their music, art and sports.”

My New American Girl, which is a little bit about Canada versus the U.S., was featured in an episode of the hit soap The Young and The Restless in late October.

“I had talked with the music supervisor about The One That Got Away and he liked it but it didn’t get used. I sent in the single for My New American Girl and the producer said they’d like to use it in the episode.”

Mullane says he was told the song fit the character of Summer Newman.

It’s not the first time Mullane’s music has been heard on a TV show.

Make You Move, which Mullane describes as “a very simple song that was the right song at the right time,” was part of NBC’s promos for the 2008 Olympics. The song was later nominated for single of the year at the 2009 East Coast Music Awards.

“It still keeps getting radio play,” he says. “When I play live, it’s the song that goes over the best.”

The One That Got Away — there’s a remixed version on Shine — was used on an MTV reality show. And Sin City was heard on Bad Girls Club, on MTV and now on the Oxygen network.

“It was their theme song and used in promos and the show itself,” he says.

Mullane is excited to have signed a deal with Fieldhouse Music/BMG that he says will open up a lot of opportunities for film and TV placement.

In the meantime, he’s performing at the Moncton Coliseum on Feb. 23 for The Women on a Mission & The Guy Show and is taping an episode of The Candy Show in Halifax in April.



We have two copies of John Mullane’s new CD, Shine, to give away.

For a chance to win, email your name, address and daytime phone number to Please type John Mullane CD in the subject line. - The Chronicle Herald

"Jon Mullane - Shine (review)"

Maritime power pop-rocker Jon Mullane has been getting Stateside action with "My New American Girl", the lead single from this album. It cracked the the top 40 of the Billboard Hot AC Indicator chart and was included on an episode of the Young And the Restless. Easy to see why, as it is hooky and tuneful, as is the rest of this album. Mullane's previous album, Shift, notched a Canadian Top 40 AC hit with "The One That Got Away", and it's reprised in remixed fashion here as a bonus track. Creighton Doane does a capable job as album producer and co-writer.

— Kerry Doole - NCM

"Dial 'M' for Mullane"

On his fourth album, ‘The Source,’ Halifax’s Jon Mullane ditches his old moniker Jonathan M but retains his crowd-pleasing smooth sounds and retro-chic.

Dial 'M' for Mullane

Published Wednesday November 7th, 2007
Appeared on page D3
On his first three albums, Halifax's Jon Mullane went by the name Jonathan M, building a steady worldwide following under that tag. A savvy self-starter, his Jonathan M collections found fans through web and MP3 circulation, as well as through traditional radio play. His distribution is an apt metaphor for his career - one foot in the classic pop past, the other in modern grooves.
On The Source (Fontana North), his latest, Jonathan M is no more. It's Jon Mullane here. It's clear his hard work on past discs has been building to a push for this album. Mullane's pop songs have a mass appeal, not just in North America but globally. Several of the tracks feature Latin-acoustic backing, and there's a dance element, as well as a touch of an electronic beat. There is also the unmistakable '80s feel, with clean, bright pop production.
Mullane doesn't win any points from the alternative set or get any great respect in the classic rock crowd. Yet with his smooth sound, worldly ways and '80s retro-chic, he's actually very much in fashion in many pop markets.

Bob Mersereau is a music writer and the arts reporter for CBC in New Brunswick.
- NB Telegraph Journal

"Mullane hopes to go the distance with new CD"

Mullane hopes to go the distance with new CD
JOANIE VEITCH The Halifax West Clayton Park Weekly News

Halifax musician Jon Mullane is happy to be celebrating a Canada-wide release of his CD, The Source. Formerly performing under the name "Jonathan M," Mullane says his latest CD is his "most personal" to date."I feel very good about it. It's very musically diverse; it's my best work yet," Mullane said.So far the response has been very positive, which Mullane is the first to admit is a bit of a surprise given that pop rock, his chosen style of style of music, is not often critically acclaimed.Much of the pre-production for The Source was done in Mullane's home-based studio in Halifax's west end. Once he had the initial work completed, Mullane went into production-mode, working with other artists, such as David Rashed of Haywire and Creighton Doane, to create what Mullane himself calls "an exhilarating sonic journey."The album was more than two years in the making, and involved many late-night sessions in the studio. "When I'm in the creative mode, I keep really odd hours, working well into the early morning hours. The beginning of an album is always a very focused time for me," Mullane said.The Source is Mullane's fourth CD release. The first single from the album, Go the Distance, has been getting some radio airplay and Mullane is planning a video launch at Winston's pub later this month."Go the Distance is about empowering yourself. In some ways I suppose it is autobiographical, it's my observations about society and how challenging it can be to do what you want to do," Mullane said.Mullane began playing guitar at age 12 and joined his first band at just 15, but it's only been in the last two years that he's made music his full-time job."It was a real leap of faith, but I just got to a point where I realized this was what I had to do," he said.As a Universal release on its Prism Music imprint, The Source is getting nationwide exposure, but in many ways, Mullane says, building a fan base today happens as much through Internet sites such as, where Mullane has a page, as it does through live shows and radio play."It's so much easier now to get exposure, and that's good because, let's face it, there aren't a lot of venues for a pop-rock musician in Halifax," Mullane - HFX Weekly News

"Honesty’s policy on Jon Mullane’s latest, The Source"

Singer-songwriter strips away illusion and technology on his latest recording
By STEPHEN COOKE Entertainment ReporterThu. Nov 1 - 7:20 AM

Jon Mullane describes his new CD, The Source, as ‘kind of a debut.’ And in many ways, including the change from his previous stage name, Jonathan M, it is.
HALIFAX — For veteran pop-rocker Jon Mullane, his latest CD The Source is a fresh start.Working with former Haywire keyboardist David Rashed, Mullane is cranking up the guitars, sharpening the hooks and peeling back the layers to redefine the sound he’d created on records recorded under his former stage name Jonathan M.Mullane hopes the honest approach towards writing and recording on The Source, plus nationwide distribution through Universal Music’s Fonatana North, will help earn him a whole new audience."It’s kind of a debut album, in many ways, with the change from ‘Jonathan M.’ I wanted it to be a more personal album, and this seemed like a good place to start," says the Halifax musician, who launches the disc and the video for the single Go the Distance at Winston’s in Clayton Park on Nov. 23, with special guests Jon Matheson and Sheva. "I had to think about what the old name meant; a lot of people tended to think of it as dance music, but that’s not really what this album is about."I’m not a singer-songwriter in terms of my sound, but this record started with just me and David in a room together working out the songs, and I think we both wanted the record to be about the songs as much as possible, and not rely so much on the technology to define the sound."Still, technology played a crucial role in the creation of The Source, enabling Mullane to work out of his home studio, honing tracks with Rashed and his fellow Haywire guitarist Marvin Birt, based in Charlottetown. On top of that, he could get contributions from in-demand drummer Creighton Doane (Honeymoon Suite, Harem Scarem) in Toronto without having to put anyone on a flight, all through the magic of file sharing."It’s cool; it’s a very economical way to do it," says Mullane. "For a singer it’s great, because we all have days where we sing better than others. Say you book three days to go to Toronto to record, and you get there and there’s heavy smog or something, and it throws your voice off. "That happened to me years ago when I did some work there at Phase One, I could not get a good vocal take. That’s a pretty expensive thing to have happen. Now I can do it in my home studio, and get the vocals I want at any time, whether it’s in the middle of the afternoon or 3 a.m. in the morning."Listening to The Source, you can hear more emphasis on Mullane’s upfront vocals, a production decision based on both the honesty in the writing of the new material, and greater confidence in his vocals’ range and character.(
- Chronicle Herald

"The Source CD Review"

Times & Transcript (Moncton)
Wednesday, March 5, 2008
Page: D5
Section: Life
Byline: Eric Lewis CD spins

Eric Lewis rates his music reviews on a scale of one to five, with (*) equivalent to a poor rating, (**) fair, (***) good, (****) very good and (*****) excellent.

Jon Mullane
The Source
(Flying Disc / Prism / Fontana North)
Halifax's Jon Mullane (not to be confused with the In Flight Safety frontman) has had international success under the name Jonathan M., but he decided to sort of redebut using his full name for his fourth album, The Source.
It's an album of mature, radio-friendly pop rock with some dabbles of a Spanish flavour here, like on the groovy "Saving My Maria". Catchy, rockin' first single "Go The Distance" kicks off the album before things slow down with the worldly, atmospheric pop of "Push Push", complete with a Spanish guitar lick. The dance pop of "Thinkin' About U" is next.
Mullane wrote many of the tunes by himself and others with Haywire member David Rashed who also produced the album.
A solid collection of worldly, adult pop rock.

- Times& Transcript

"Review for 'Shift'"

Jon Mullane is a singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist from
Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada. New album Shift follows his 2007
release The Source.
The album is a project built by Jon and former Harem Scarem
drummer Creighton Doane. Jon and Creighton co-wrote the majority of
the songs and played most of the instruments. Creighton's former
band mate Pete Lesperance pops up on occasional guitars, and
Kathryn Rose adds backing vocals. Shift was produced by Creighton,
and recorded at DL Audio in Toronto and Dreamland Studio in Halifax.
The result is quite a surprise. Given the cast list, I expected a
(perhaps) inferior take on the typical Harem Scarem sound. The album
actually bares little or no similarity to the work of Harry Hess et al. Shift
is a modern sounding, confidant, upbeat rock album that's as radio
and chart friendly as any rock album you are ever likely to hear. Some
of these songs have been doing the rounds on the airwaves for a
couple of years now, and it really is easy to hear why.
Every song offers something to hang onto, be it the so-good-they-included-it-twice 'Make You Move', the
bouncy 'Got It Goin' On', the ever-so-slightly darker 'Sin City', the dancy 'Missing Time', the seriously cool 'You
Get What You Get', the slushy 'The One That Got Away', the understated indie charms of 'Change Your Life',
the really catchy 'Go The Distance, and the big shout-along 'Here We Go'. This is a very consistent album with
lots of repeat-play-potential.
Overall, Shift is a very easy album to like, although it's all a tad safe and definitely a monster track or two away
from immortality. There's no doubting what Jon Mullane and Creighton Doane have created here is a fine
album with bags of feel good energy.
Check out... All of it.
Track List:
01 - Make You Move
02 - Got It Goin' On
03 - Sin City
04 - Missing Time
05 - You Get What You Get
06 - The One That Got Away
07 - Change Your Life
08 - Go The Distance
09 - Here We Go
10 - Make You Move (Move Mix)
Label: Escape Music
Artist's website(s): Jon Mullane | MySpace | Facebook
Rock Realms Review: Jon Mullane - Shift Page 1 of 2
- Rock Realms, UK

"Jon Mullane "Shift"ing my attitude"

OK, so I sit back, Jon Mullane has sent me a disc from the east coast, hoping there is something contained within
which will affect me enough to do a review, and put it out there to the readers of this column that I think this disc
worthy of your hard earned dollars. Or at the very least attention on the world wide web at .
After 20 listens it starts to dawn on me, INXS has run down this road, but Jon Mullane has come along with the
asphalt crew to make it a smoother ride. Comparisons just naturally come to me as it fits, but the originality of the
layers of music Jon Mullane has arranged are amazing. “You get what you get” are pretty simple lyrics but yet so
profound. Wouldn’t think I could do listening to a whole song espousing such truths, but I find myself at the end of the
song moving into “The One That Got Away”. I know everyone has that someone. This song is super breezy and light
with such a heavy reality, just plain cool.
“Change Your Life” has the power to do so!! As much as everyone listens to music, it can be a haven, a beacon; it can
direct your future. You may not feel it immediately but its influence will remain waiting to touch you and this tune is
“Go The Distance” is again another tune with the ability to direct one to believe in one’s individuality. Ever hear of a
band STYX. Good or bad, love em or hate em, they had sumptin to say and I can get on board with this song in
honour of that band.
Jon Mullane’s album “Shift” is self described as radio friendly driving music. Jon and I do different driving.
Yep, we got radio friendly pop songs here from the Halifax native whose influences include Duran Duran, David
Bowie, Images In Vogue, Information Society, early ‘80s Can Rock or any song with great melody. Most of his
influences were prominent on radio and he is comfortable in that skin. Funny thing of it is; tho we may “Shift”
differently, driving down non similar roads, I sometimes still appreciate the simplicity of putting out commercially aimed
successful tunes that just make people smile and feel good. You can still feel the roots and sincerity of Jon’s music as
he forges on with the drive he felt from the warm glow emanating out of his dashboard, as he accelerated off on his
musical journey. Tho radio is his goal, fame is not necessarily the end of all the means. “I’m gonna go the distance my
way”. And if you’re going to stand behind your belief’s, good with me. What does this have to do with Jon’s music?
Well, I can certainly listen on the big stereo and the music appeals to my favourite girl, Judy. My feet tap to the groove,
oh just get over it as Jon’s “gonna make you move in the midnight blue”. OK the music has that infectious beat that
makes you wanna play it one more time.
This CD is buy worthy, as a Canadian artist, or world for that matter. We should just stop and listen for the 40 some
minutes it will take to change our lives, well yours anywho. I gotta “Shift” gears and hit the road. Don’t forget that
myspace site . Later taters. - Moose Jaw Times Herald

"Shift Album Review"

Halifax rocker Jon Mullane's new album Shift is a fast-paced catchy album that blends a retro '80s
sound with modern rock. There's an odd mix of influences from The Cars and Billy Idol to Stone Temple
Pilots to the Killers all mashed into a unique almost-industrial rock sound.
With catchy choruses and fast-paced riffs, there's a lot for rock fans to like on Shift as Mullane's highenergy
songs grab you from the first track and don't let up. The only exception is the slowed-down
ballad The One That Got Away.
you're a fan of good songwriting and rock and roll with a modern sound pick up Jon Mullane's Shift.
Two albums in, Mullane is proving to be quite a force in the ever-expanding Maritime music scene.
Highlights include: Make You Move, Sin City and Here We Go.

* Adam Davis is an avid music fan. His column appears weekly in Life & Times. - Moncton Times&Transcript

"Halifax singer's Make You Move nabs Olympic spot"

Halifax singer Jon Mullane's fast-paced song Make You Move has been selected by U.S. network NBC as part of its promotional campaign leading up to the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Mullane's song is one of just five being used by the network to promote its sports coverage on late-night TV.

The spots will air during The Tonight Show, Conan O'Brien and Last Call with Carson Daly, meaning unprecedented exposure for the singer formerly known as Jonathan M.

He collaborated with Toronto producer Creighton Doane to create the song, which was released as a single from his 2007 album, The Source.

"We decided we wanted to write a fun, upbeat, almost a party song, and then I was encouraged by someone here locally in the radio industry to release it as a single," Mullane told CBC News in Halifax.

Mullane is hoping the spots, with his name showing as the music plays, will get him known in Los Angeles.

"Usually you get song into a TV show or a sports show like this and it goes from there," he said. "All the network producers will be aware of the song and …often sports people will pick up on these kinds of songs and use them for actual Olympic broadcast — it can spiral."

Mullane says he's been cultivating TV and film executives in an effort to advance his music career.

He connected to NBC through the Atlantic Film Festival's Music & Image program which offered local musicians an opportunity to meet with executives.

After that meeting, NBC was initially considering another single, Go the Distance, he said, but nothing came of their interest.

"I kept in touch, kept sending them music and eventually this came around. They heard this song and they wanted to use it," he said.

Make You Move is being played on 50 stations across the country and has been moving up the Canadian charts, he said.

Mullane's music career has been up and down. He had success with an album in Europe in the 1990s, but that didn't build.

"The Source CD Review"

From the opening song on this CD it becomes obvious that Jon Mullane is ready to “Go the Distance”. Musically “The Source” has muscle and drive to sustain the “Push Push” needed to make it in the music business.

Climbing quickly to the number one spot on Cashbox Magazine’s Indie Rock Picks chart it is apparent that there is substance to Mullane’s music and performance. Mullane’s vocals are strong and display a range and style that could easily drive him to the top in today’s world market.

Unfortunately, artists have to think about how they can be marketable these days. When asked how he would describe his music, Mullane says, "It's basically pop rock. There's an '80s influence to it. If you were to compare it to anything, fans of Maroon 5, Duran Duran, The Killers, those sorts of fans would like my music. Maybe that's a better way to describe it."

Go the Distance is also currently being primed for exposure in an upcoming feature film and several television series, international advertising campaigns and is in serious consideration to be theme music for this summer's highly anticipated Olympic Games coverage on NBC.

Not every one of the 10 songs on this CD is a hit but even the weaker tracks provide a bit of contrast and still show strength.

Track List
1. Go the Distance
2. Push Push
3. Thinkin’ About You
4. Desire
5. Love Can Move A Mountain
6. Changes
7. Closer To You
8. Magic
9. Savin My Maria
10 One More Chance


4 1/2 stars - Cashbox Magazine

"Songs for a perfect marriage"

Musician teams up with entrepreneur for cross-promotion

Halifax musician Jon Mullane (third from left) has collaborated with entrepreneur Larry Finnson, co-creator of Clodhoppers candy, on a video that’s being used to promote both Mullane’s new album and Finnson’s corporation.

Five or 10 years ago, certain corporate partnerships would have been unthinkable to most musicians.In the Internet age, such unorthodox pairings have become more of a necessity. With record sales plummeting and stations like MuchMusic and MTV airing more reality shows than music videos, artists have had to become more inventive.Pop/rock artist Jon Mullane of Halifax recently teamed up with Clodhoppers candy co-creator Larry Finnson for a cross-promotion Mullane considers the perfect marriage between music and corporate enterprise.The duo collaborated on a video for Mullane's single Go the Distance - some of which was shot in Halifax - and repeatedly screened it on the outside of Finnson's high-tech mobile advertising vehicle as it travelled around Edmonton and other parts of Canada.Essentially a moving billboard, the 24k Mobile TV Inc. truck made the rounds to sporting events and trade shows. Mullane's new album The Source was released in conjunction with the music video.Go the Distance also plays on YouTube Canada. On its second day on the site, it became one of the 50 most viewed music videos in the country.Mullane said he believes in business and arts working together on certain projects, as long as it's tasteful."We have to find ways to keep doing what we're doing, to be able to get the word out and the images and the message. I think this is just a neat, innovative way without being too commercialized. It's not like I'm wearing something really obvious that I wouldn't wear anyway."Finnson teamed up with Mullane to show what his truck can do, and ended up including chunks of Go the Distance in his corporate video."All the cool, hip companies in Canada - I don't care if you're Adidas or whoever, that's the demographic that pretty much everybody is after. Everybody likes a short message, everybody likes wireless cafes, everybody likes motion and that's what I'm all about."Even at 50 years old, nowadays, people are acting like they're 25. That's how you have to be creative: You've got to know what the kids like."amacdonald@hfxnews.caTo view the video, head to com/watch?v=Cto0tUChBd4
- Halifax Daily News

"NS Come To Life Featured Artist"

When you think of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the name Jon Mullane may not spring to mind. But his music may very well remind you of that event because his song “Make You Move” was featured on an NBC commercial promoting the summer Olympics.

The NBC spot also aired on The Tonight Show, Conan O’Brian and Carson Daly. After that, a lot of people knew Jon Mullane’s music.

“Make You Move” became a hit in Canada and it topped Internet radio charts around the world in rock and indie categories. The song was nominated for Single of the Year at the 2009 East Coast Music Awards.

Jon Mullane’s high-octane rock vibe has an anthemic drive that finds a natural home with sports teams and in arenas. In 2009, his band played a concert for the Canoe Sprint World Championships in Dartmouth, and the Nova Scotia Special Olympics Association has selected one of his songs for their promotional DVD.

Jon Mullane makes Halifax, Nova Scotia his home, but his diverse and melodic rock music is known and admired internationally. His fan base extends across North America, Europe and Asia.

In January, he releases his new album Shift.

- NS Come To Life

"Jon Mullane’s ‘Born Beautiful’ Conveys An Important Message About Who We Really Are"

With a voice that reminds us a little of his fellow Canadians Bryan Adams and Josh Taerk, award winning rock singer/songwriter Jon Mullane has seen his music gain international acclaim. His song, ‘My New American Girl’ reached #32 on the Hot AC Billboard Chart, while his other songs have featured on a number of TV shows, commercials and sporting events – his hit single, ‘Make Your Move’ was even used on NBC to promote the Beijing Olympics.

Jon’s latest song, ‘Born Beautiful’, is an homage to appreciating who we really are, and encourages listeners to seek out the beauty within themselves. Accompanied by a video featuring a woman who rejects suicide as an option, the song helps to further awareness of mental and emotional issues. Because of the importance of this message, Jon has partnered with various mental health organisations, including the Canadian Mental Health Association, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (USA), and the Campaign to Change Direction (USA).

‘Born Beautiful’ inspires us to accept our own inner beauty, to know that this is far more important than any external appearances. The video was shot by Dillon Garland, who also worked with Mullane on his song, ‘Any Other Way’, which won the Best Music Video award at the 2014 Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

Jon Mullane is the subject of a new documentary, ‘Jon Mullane – Shine On’, which has been made by John Rosborough of RPM Productions, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The film covers Jon’s musical career, as well as his personal struggles, and triumphs. The 3o minute version was released on 16 September to coincide with the launch of his new album, ‘SHINE’, on digital download and CD.

The video for ‘Born Beautiful’ has been nominated for Best Music Video at the 2016 International Music and Entertainment Awards, while Jon himself has been put forward for Best Pop Artist. The IMEAs will be held on October 8, 2016, in Tennessee.

‘Born Beautiful’ is available to download from iTunes. You can find Jon Mullane online on his official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. - Essentially Pop


Jon Mullane is an award winning rock singer-songwriter from Canada who has gained international acclaim and success with his music. He’s had several Canadian top 40, Billboard-charting radio singles, and his song, My New American Girl, broke into the top 40 at #32 on the Hot AC Billboard Chart in the US. His songs have been featured on numerous television shows, commercials and sporting events, including his hit single, Make You Move, on NBC promoting the Beijing Olympics.

Jon’s song, Born Beautiful, encourages all of us to embrace the beauty we can find within ourselves, and through this song and its video, in which a young woman rejects suicide, he has formed partnerships with mental health organizations, including the Canadian Mental Health Association (, the National Alliance on Mental Illness ( – US), and the Campaign to Change Direction ( – US), to help raise awareness and change the culture of mental health. The video was produced by Dillon Garland, whose direction allowed Mullane to take his vision for the song to a different level.

Jon is the subject of a new documentary, “Jon Mullane – Shine On” by John Rosborough of RPM Productions in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, which documents Jon’s musical career as well as his personal struggles and triumphs. The condensed version of the documentary culminates with the worldwide digital release of Jon’s album SHINE on September 16, 2016, and was premiered at Jon’s album release party in Hollywood on September 15.

Jon’s new album, SHINE, picked up an award for Rock Album of the Year at The International Music & Entertainment Awards, and the video for his single, Any Other Way, won Best Music Video at The 2014 Hollywood Music in Media Awards. The video for Born Beautiful has been nominated for the 2016 IMEA for Best Music Video and Jon has been nominated for Best Pop Artist. The video for Born Beautiful and the documentary have both been submitted to the 59th Annual Grammy Awards in the categories of Best Video and Best Music Film, respectively. - Artistrack


Still working on that hot first release.



Jon Mullane is an LA-based award winning, Billboard charting rock/pop singer, performer & songwriter originally hailing from Canada. In an era where commercial radio play and chart success is dominated by major label artists, Jon's success is a reflection of his ability to write songs that connect with listeners - songs that mirror the emotions of the human condition intertwined with timeless and inspirational themes, positive messages, and observations of modern culture.

Jon is a dynamic performer, whose songs instantly connect with audiences in any concert setting, large and small, and his list of concert appearances is extensive, including performing at such legendary and iconic venues as The Viper Room and House of Blues in Hollywood, CA and 12th & Porter in Nashville, TN.

And as his story continues to unfold, Jon's success as a radio charting artist keeps moving forward with his single, My New American Girl, a fun, playful super catchy pop song that has broken into the top 40 on the Billboard Hot AC Indicator chart in the US. The song is the first single from his new album, SHINE, released worldwide in September 2016. SHINE features a diverse range of rock/pop songs with undeniable hooks, epic ballads and meaningful lyrics. 

Jon’s newest single from SHINE, Born Beautiful, encourages all of us to embrace the beauty we can find within ourselves, and through this song and its video, in which a young woman rejects suicide, he has formed partnerships with mental health organizations, including the Canadian Mental Health Association (, the National Alliance on Mental Illness ( – US), and the Campaign to Change Direction ( - US), to help raise awareness and change the culture of mental health. The video for Born Beautiful is the winner of the 2016 International Music and Entertainment Award (IMEA) for Music Video of the Year. Watch Born Beautiful on YouTube. 

Jon is the subject of a new documentary, "Jon Mullane - Shine On" by John Rosborough of RPM Productions in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, which documents Jon's musical career as well as his personal struggles and triumphs. The condensed version of the documentary culminates with the worldwide digital release of Jon's album SHINE and was premiered at Jon’s album release party in Hollywood on September 15, 2016. The video for Born Beautiful and the documentary have both been submitted to the 59th Annual Grammy Awards in the categories of Music Video and Music Film, respectively.

SHINE picked up an award for Rock Album of the Year at The International Music & Entertainment Awards (IMEA), and the video for his single, Any Other Way, won Best Music Video at The 2014 Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA).

Shift was released in Canada through Flying Disc Records and in Europe through UK label Escape Music in 2010. The album builds upon the genre-defying diversity Jon has always brought to his music. Recorded in Halifax and Toronto with producer and co-writer Creighton Doane, Shift features 10 tracks of energetic rock with infectious hooks, including the remixed CHR/Dance version of Jon's hit single Make You Move. Follow up single, the touching ballad The One That Got Away, is a top 40 hit in Canada and continues to make a strong emotional connection with listeners & fans. The song was also featured in an episode of ABC's “The Lying Game” and CBS’s “The Young and the Restless”.

"Mullane's songs have a mass appeal, not just in North America but globally..." Bob Mersereau, Telegraph Journal

In 2008, Jon's song Make You Move was chosen by NBC TV for their Summer Olympic promo commercials. The tune brought Jon's sound to North America in a big way. It achieved multi-format chart success and garnered extensive radio airplay. In 2009, Make You Move was nominated for Single of the Year at the East Coast Music Awards.

Having lost both parents while still very young, then overcoming a potentially career-ending case of tinnitus, Jon Mullane has laid everything on the line for his career. It's the music that always mattered most. For Jon Mullane, music IS life.

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