Jon Nelson's Rockin' Kids' Revue!

Jon Nelson's Rockin' Kids' Revue!


Jon Nelson's Rockin' Kids' Review! High Energy, Interactive, Educational & Fun Performances for Children and their Families! MUSIC, JOKES, PUPPETS, JUGGLING & MUCH MORE! Over 800 performances across the USA! Recent Gigs for: The Boston Red Sox, Apple Computers & Hasbro Children's Hospital




Jon Nelson's first performance for kids was over 12 years ago... His good friend Kristine asked him to sing in herclassroom and Jon was happy to help her out. He knew a couple of Sesame Street songs and could handle the lyrics to "B-I-N-G-O", but he needed more of a repertoire for this debut children's gig. He sat down and wrote some songs that he thought the kids would like. When the day of the sing along came, Kristine's kindergarten had a great time, and Jon had an even greater time. After that, he received his Masters in Education, kept writing fun & educational children's music, and sang with kids at any pre-school, day care, or birthday party he could find. He found out that writing & playing music for young children was both challenging and extremely rewarding.

Now, over 800 performances later...

Jon Nelson,’s Rockin’ Kids’ Revue has become a mainstay in quality children's entertainment. The band’s hilarious, rip roaring, hand clapping, foot stomping, fun and interactive concerts have been a consistent hit across the nation.

Combining high energy, hilarious, crowd pleasing shows that are rooted in rock & roll with puppets, colorful hats, jokes, magic and juggling… this band appeals to not only young children, but their parents too!

Jon Nelson's fresh, exciting and innovative original songs have appeared on several nationally distributed compilation CDs and his music is heard on radio rotations in the United States and abroad. In 1998, his original song "Can You Feel It" charted in several European markets. His original children's CD, "Nelsongs; Great Songs for Great Kids", is a consistent seller from coast to coast.

Jon Nelson's unique performances for kids and their families are rooted in his love of rock & roll and his sincere desire to help teach our children through fun and interactive music.


Hanukkah is Here

Written By: Jon Nelson

Hanukkah is here
Hanukkah is here
For eight days every year
Hanukkah is here

I'll tell you 'bout a holiday that's really cool
You hear about it everywhere, at home and at school
It lasts for eight days and eight great nights
And when it's time for Hanukkah we feel alright

CHORUS: Hanukkah is here...

Hanukkah is a special time
We get lots of presents and we feel so fine
We light the menorah and it's really great
To be with our families and celebrate

CHORUS: Hanukkah is here...

We just can't wait for that exciting time
When we open up our presents (“That one's yours, this one's mine!)
And the candles give off that special glow
That make us feel cozy and warm you know...

Latkes (yeah, that's Hanukkah)
Dreidles (yeah, that's Hanukkah)
Menorah (yeah, that's Hanukkah too...)
And this is what we love to do... ooooohhh!

Hanukkah is here
Hanukkah is here
For eight days every year
Hanukkah is here

Hanukkah is here
Hanukkah is here
For eight days every year...
We'll spread some Hanukkah cheer...
Our families will all be near, 'cause Hanukkah is here!

Please Say Please

Written By: Jon Nelson

CHORUS: Please say Please…
Thank you for saying Thank You
It’s nice to be nice all the time.
It’s right to be polite…
How happy does it make you?
When you remember all of these…
Please say please

Have you ever let a good friend ride your bike?
Or saved a piece of pizza for someone that you liked?
Make sure you say “Goodzuntheit” when you hear someone sneeze,
And remember to Please say Please

CHORUS: Please say Please…

Don’t you know there are nice things that you can do?
Maybe draw someone a picture if they have the flu.
Or bring your cousin bandaids incase he scrapes his knees…
And remember to Please say Please

Give me that cupcake
(Please say Please!)
I want the basketball
(Please say Please!)
That’s my pencil
(Please say Please!)

CHORUS: Please say Please…

The Friendship Song

Written By: Jon Nelson

Won’t you be my friend? Won’t you be my friend?
We could be buddies… Won’t you be my friend?

I think you’re really cool, You’re in my class at school
We could be buddies… So won’t you be my friend?

We can go outside and play...
checkers in the shade
And drink lemonade

Won’t you be my friend? Won’t you be my friend?
We could be buddies… Won’t you be my friend?

When you have things to do… I’ll do them with you
We’ll help each other… So won’t you be my friend?

You’ll come over to my house. We’ll feed my new pet mouse
His name is “Frankie”… So Won’t you be my friend

We’ll play baseball in my yard
You’ll hit your first home run
I know we’ll have fun

Won’t you be my friend?... Won’t you be my friend?
We could be buddies… Won’t you be my friend?

Won’t you be my friend? Won’t you be my friend?
You’re really special… Won’t you be my friend?


"Great Songs For Great Kids" (Jon Nelson)
"Celebrate Kids" (Natl. Distributed Compilation)
"Moment Magazine" (Natl. Distributed Compilation)
"Jon Nelson... Songwriter" (Adult Contemporary CD)

Set List

Our sets are usually 60 minutes in length. They include lots of interactive rockin' music (both original and covers) that is both educational and fun.

We all wear sparkly shirts and many different zany hats (which we change with each song). We usually throw in a few cover songs (The Beatles, etc.) and a few parodies ("Hungry USA" instead of "Surfin' USA w/ parents coming up to hula hoop with us).

Our typical set looks like this:
*Everything is done in an upbeat, animated & interactive way. We pride ourselves on keeping the kids' attention throughout the whole show.

1. If You're Happy & You Know it / Welcome song
2. Hungry USA / The Twist (invite dads up to hula)
(Interlude with puppets)
3. The Friendship Song (original song)
4. Whippy Whipples (original song)
5. I'm a Believer (The Monkees)
6. Please Say Please (original song)
(interlude with puppets and jokes)
7. The Dinoasur Jump (original song)
8. Mr. Sparkles (Juggling Segment)
9. Feelings / Share, Share, Sha