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Jonnie Morgan Band

Orlando, FL | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Orlando, FL | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Alternative Jam




"Florida Today - Music Q&A: Jonnie Morgan Band"

The horn-infused modern rock band known as JMB (Jonnie Morgan band) will play a scaled-down show Friday at World of Beer. JMB’s typically a 7-piece powerhouse band.

The band consists of Jonnie Morgan (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Jeremy Adams (bass), Brandon Sollins (lead guitar), Bruno Ufret (drums/backing vocals), Corey Paul (trombone/keyboard/backing vocals), Michael Cunningham (saxophone/backing vocals) and Justin Diaz (trumpet). Currently in the middle of an entrepreneurial endeavor to finance a tour bus to tour full-time through Kickstarter, the band continues to explore new ways to get their music heard. The band offers a great mix of original music and unique take on cover songs.

QUESTION: A lot of bands struggle to keep three or four members happy and on the same page. Is it hard to keep a band of seven content?

Morgan: There is definitely a level of anxiety that comes with it, but we are just blessed and believe this is our path and this is what we are supposed to do. We are big on communication and we have become like a family. Of course, we argue and bicker on some things, but I believe that is only because we care so much. We believe in what we are doing and that drives us, and pushes us to work harder and push through anything that might come up. We are always trying to make ourselves better. We are very humble, but we honestly do believe we have the potential to be one of the greatest rock bands of our era. Because we believe so much in each other and what we are doing, we get through.

Q: Does having a band as large as yours restrict the number of venues where you can perform?

Morgan: Yes, it makes it hard for the full band. Venues are sometimes scared of the size of the band, but we can accommodate just about any venue. We can scale it down if we need to or make it fit any way we can. We have never been afraid to squeeze in if we have to do what it takes to give a good show.

Q: I hear a lot of people compare your original music to Dave Matthews Band. While as great as I think the Dave Matthews Band is, they really haven’t had any commercially successful music in a long time. Do those comparisons hurt the band?

Morgan: I don’t know. We are in a really unique time right now that if you play your cards right things might line up. A lot of people are returning to the roots of music and getting into bands that just played what they felt instead of being defined by radio; bands like the Eagles and the Beatles and more. People are getting sick of radio and turning to other places to get their music. Now there are a bunch of successful music festivals that feature artists you will probably never even hear on the radio. I think there is a niche for us. We might have to change a cut on a song to have some crossover or commercial success, but we believe our time will come. Right now, we are playing a lot of original gigs and getting our music out there. Probably 70 percent to 80 percent of all of our shows now are original music shows, and that kind of exposure is key to our success.

Q: You have been playing pretty regularly at WOB in Viera. How did those gigs come about?

Morgan: We started playing World of Beer locations in 2010 when it was still a relatively new concept. We became friends with one of the owners who referred us to a lot of locations. I reached out to Chuck there in Viera, and he was open to trying something new and we played there. Once you have some credentials established with a venue, it is easier to get around. We also hooked up with CJS Productions and have worked with them for about a year and a half. They do bookings for venues all over and have helped us play across the U.S.

Q: Being on an independent record label can offer greater freedom, but it also comes with more risks than being on a major label. How has being on an independent label been for you?

Morgan: It can be tough because you have to do everything in-house, but it’s nice to be in control and have the final say in your own music. It is an everyday grind, though, and you have to do all the booking and figuring out the next step on your own. I think it might be time to make a move, though, and do the things that will get us in more markets. We do treat the band like a business and everyone has their part. I think that has been a key factor to our success thus far. We just are ready to grow from here.

Q: What are some of your short-term musical goals?

Morgan: We want to tour full-time. I think we all feel that way, and we want to play as many festivals as we can. We need more worldwide exposure.

Q: For your original lyrics, do you rely more on fact or fiction for the basis of your songs?

Morgan: I think I base it mostly on emotions. Sometimes I write metaphorically, or about dreams I have in my head. Sometimes I may write a love song or gain inspiration from a personal experience. I try not to give away too much, but enough that people can still connect with what I meant or was going through.

Q: How did the band first get started?

Morgan: Back in 2009, I went to a bar and I saw this 3-piece band on stage. I didn’t think the band was that great, but they had this amazing bass player playing a six-string bass. I said to my friend that if I ever started a band, I wanted “that guy.” A few months later, I was doing this open mic night thing and this guy approached me about maybe doing some music together sometime. It turns out he was that same six-string bass player from a few months earlier. We spent a lot of time getting together the correct lineup and reached out to people we had met along the way. It took us about six or seven months to put together what it is today.

Q: Tell me about your new CD.

Morgan: We just released it a while back. It is a 13-song CD entitled “Janus.” It took about a year for us to record because we did it all in-house. We are known for the energy and vitality of our live show and we wanted to capture that for the CD, so we worked on a studio production with a live feeling to it. We are very happy with the outcome and we have the CD available for sale at our shows. - Mike Nunez

"Tampa Artist Spotlight ft. Jonnie Morgan Band"

You've been making moves in Florida, how'd you get into music?
The later half of studying at UCF I started writing a couple of songs on the side. I was getting a lot of positive feedback from friends/family etc.  One night after class I decided to go out to an open mic night and I was approached by Jeremy Adams (our bass player) to possibly start playing together. This was early 2009. The funny thing is I saw Jeremy a month before at a gig and I thought he was the most incredible bass player I had ever seen and I told my buddy that I wanted to play with that guy. I had to leave early so I didn't get a chance to say anything. As the years went on we played with different musicians and started adding different sounds. Now, with a 7-piece modern rock band including a 3-piece horn section (Trombone, Trumpet and Saxophone) we are finally complete with the sound we were looking for. It only took us 3 1/2 years ;)  I really think if Jeremy didn't approach me I don't know where I would be with the music.

What are some of your influences?
As far as influences go we are all over the place. I grew up listening to classic rock. Bands like The Allman Brothers, Skynyrd, Clapton, The Doobie Brothers, Eagles, The Who etc. When I was in high school I started getting into Blink 182, Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson and genres of that sort. A lot of the other guys have influences ranging from Jazz, Metal, Soul, Blues, Funk and Jam bands. Coming from different roots it gives us a very eclectic sound.

What are some of your proudest moments/accomplishments as a band?
I think our first big accomplishment was when we were voted #1 by fans on to open up for John Mayer in West Palm Beach. We ended up not winning but it was a very cool moment. From there I remember applying to the Florida Music Festival in 2010 and not making it. We worked extremely hard to make sure we made it the next year. Not only did we make it but we beat out 40 bands in a competition to be a main stage act. From there, we have had the chance to play on the Hard Rock Stage in Orlando, played House of Blues and opened up for Headliner Cheap Trick at Sunfest in West Palm Beach as well as sharing the stage with Foghat and Molly Hatchet. In April of 2013 we were selected to be a Headliner on Friday night of Florida Music Festival and Charlie Worsham opened up for us. What an honor!

Read more: - Kidd Leow

"Jonnie Morgan Band at House of Blues Orlando"

House of Blues Orlando erupted with energy as the esteemed local band took the stage. The crowd screamed and applauded even as the instrumentalists began merely setting up their equipment, and in return they acknowledged their exuberant fans with modest grins and waves. Amidst this lively and undying audience reaction, Jonnie Morgan Band blew us away with spectacular instrumentals, relaxed and fearless vocals, and overall an entirely unique vibe.

The rhythm, produced by the talented Bruno Ufret on the drums, was completely locked in throughout the performance. With every beat he pointedly emphasized facets of the melody, and maintained great vivacity to the very end. Matched with an incredible performance energy, you could hardly take your eyes off his graceful stick flips and animated body language as he utilized every muscle and bone to support the rest of the ensemble. Concurrently, bassist Jeremy Adams upheld a cool and relaxed disposition as he effortlessly magnified the feel of each song with subtle and complementary movement. Especially impressive was their powerful trio featuring Miguel Alvarado on saxophone, Matt Mill on trumpet, and Corey Paul on trombone, the latter two also providing harmonious background vocals. This section contributed defining vigor and boldness to the band’s overall sound, eliciting a huge crowd response with each dazzling improvisation. Lead guitarist Brandon Sollins also performed stunning solos which seemed to fill out every fraction of the beat with unique extemporizations, breaking the boundaries of the ordinary cookie-cutter guitar solos one can become accustomed to in popular music. Comfortable and confident, they all frequently performed with their eyes closed, just feeling the music and letting it flow.

It is challenging to capture in words the vibe produced by lead singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitar player Jonnie Morgan. His tranquil yet passionate vocals have a Dave Matthews quality to them, and wove placidity into the high-energy accompaniment of the group. The atmosphere was also enhanced by his charismatic personality which he exhibited both during and between songs. He especially charmed the crowd as he interjected a playful remark on his “Jesus-like” appearance, offering to heal and save the spectators if they visited the merch booth. It is this relaxed attitude which sets Jonnie Morgan Band apart. These extremely adept performers are easygoing, humble and appreciative. You get the feeling that they are genuinely thrilled to have you there, and there is a warm and inviting quality to every word either sung or spoken.

All in all, the music of Jonnie Morgan Band takes you to an entirely different place, and the weather is absolutely beautiful there.
- Olivia Isenhart

"Jonnie Morgan Band at Firestone"

What a dazzling show from Jonnie Morgan Band this weekend. I was blown away, but not surprised in the least. Everything I loved about them in March was magnified at Firestone on Friday.

I really thought it couldn’t get any better, but the brass is bigger, the vocals are bolder, and the music seems to know exactly what it wants to do. Between songs, they announced their new philosophy; if they are not completely drenched and exhausted by the end of the show, then they are not doing their job for us. And we love that.

It is hard to believe they are a local band from humble beginnings, because they packed the house shoulder-to-shoulder, fans decked out in their JMB shirts and snapping pictures of anything and everything.

Even harder to believe is after the show, as they braced themselves for the fans pressed against the doors, they recognized me before I could even start gushing over them. I had never met them all in person, and was amazed that they remembered my little article. They really care about that kind of stuff, and each of them has that genuine warmth that people just want to flock to.

Their electrifying music is a gift to the crowd. They are giving us something beautiful. Thank you, Jonnie Morgan Band. - Olivia Isenhart

"Jonnie Morgan Band"

"Influences ranging from Dave Matthews to Bob Marley, the Jonnie Morgan band has developed a sound, and a following that proves rock and roll can be fun. Morgan brought together an ambitious ensemble, through connections at UCF, with a horn section complimenting the infectious hooks. One of Orlando’s ascending live draws, their festival ready sound should translate well to the mainstage this month."
— aXis Magazine - Axis Magazine

"Don’t Miss The Jonnie Morgan Band"

When I saw Jonnie Morgan’s name on the SunFest lineup I let out a little cheer. The handsome and humble songwriter and musician is a fellow University of Central Florida alum. I have had the pleasure of catching the guys at local venues around Orlando. Today they will take the Tire Kingdom stage at 7:30 p.m.

I used this excuse to chat with Morgan before his SunFest debut to find out a little more about his seven piece ensemble.

After dabbling with covers and a successful “Open Mic” night, Morgan and two friends started playing Orlando’s local watering holes…which weren’t always prepared to support a band.

“We were terrible,” Morgan said. “ But it was so awesome to finally play a show. [One] stage we were on was made of plywood and 2x4s. It was bouncing up and down. At one point, my microphone stand fell over and snapped in half during the performance. All the embarrassing things that you should go through, happened.”

It wasn’t long before Morgan had bigger (and more sturdy) stages to play. The band began to grow, adding on another three members by 2010. In 2011, the Jonnie Morgan Band competed for a chance to play Florida Music Festival’s main stage. They beat out 40 bands for the win, no easy feat.

“We’ve been working really hard to continue to make [our music] grow,” Morgan said.

Today, Jonnie Morgan Band consists of seven members: Morgan, Jeremy Adams, Bruno Ufret, Brandon Sollins, Matthew Mill, Corey Paul and Jose Rojas.

“They are all phenomenal musicians,” Morgan said. “There is a huge level of mutual respect between all of us. It’s a really good team that we’ve put together. The advantage is that we are all really good musicians individually, but when we come together we become great.”

Seven members means a lot more instruments to produce a completely “full” sound. You can expect to hear trumpets, trombone and bass guitar.

“It’s really hard to explain to people what we sound like,” Morgan said. “We are like a jam band…We always kind of say rock and roll, infused with R&B and soul, because of our horn section.”

With one EP under their belt, the boys are currently in the studio putting the final tweaks on their sophomore release. You can expect to hear original songs tonight during their first SunFest performance.

“I hope people flock over to us,” Morgan said. “I hope the sound travels and we get a really good turn out.”

I’ll be in that crowd, boys! See you at 7:30 p.m.! - Cassie Morien

"Jonnie Morgan Band"

"The Jonnie Morgan Band has a universal sound that appeals to a wide-range of music fans. With six members, the band may be big in size, but their tight playing gives the band’s live show an intimate feel, with Morgan’s smooth vocals leading the way." - Examiner


2012 - Reflections In The Water
2014 - Janus
2015 - Jonnie Morgan Band (Live at Sunfest)



Described as a Jam band with a Singer-Songwriter twist, the Jonnie Morgan Band has proven time and time again to be a "must see" act at concerts and festivals throughout the nation. Known simply as JMB, the band has entertained audiences from the NCAA SEC Opening Day Fan Fair in Nashville to the ACUI World Wide Conference.  Along with playing festivals throughout the South, including Sunfest, JMB has also had the honor to headline Florida Music Festival twice and have shared the stage with notable acts such as:

  • Tim Reynolds from Dave Matthews Band 
  • Less Than Jake
  • Zach Deputy
  • Relient K
  • Sammy Hagar
  • Better Than Ezra
  • Cheap Trick
  • Edwin McCain and many more.

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