Jonni Vegaz

Jonni Vegaz

 Tampa, Florida, USA
SoloHip HopPop

Jonni Vegaz provides a little bit of everything for everybody with a Hip hop, R & B, and Pop mixture to satisfy your listening pleasures and motivate young entrepreneurs to be successful.


August 12, 1990 marked the birth date of Shayanne Andujar, formally known as “Clubz”, but now known to the world as Jonni Vegaz. Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, he was originally known for his skills on the basketball court and talent as a sketch artist throughout his early life into his teenage years, however, it was at the age of 9 that he began to grow a passion for Hip Hop when he began writing down the lyrics of songs by other artists, which enabled him to learn the format of writing songs. From then on his passion for music grew stronger and so he continued to write his own music. He began participating in numerous rap battles and talent shows and quickly became well known for his rap talent.


It wasn't until the age of 15 that Jonni Vegaz decided music was his purpose in life. He relocated to Paterson,N.J in 1999 where his ambition grew even stronger, collaborating with other local artists from his neighborhood, being featured on mixtapes hosted by local d.js, and performing at night clubs, but that was only the beginning. In 2002, he and his family moved down to Tampa,FL, and in 2005, released his debut mixtape, ''Stop da Bank Vol.1'', following up with Vol. 2 in 2007 which quickly gained him local fame in the Tampa Bay area. As the release of music and music videos continued, he began performing in open mic shows and appearing on various mixtapes. While he continued to put his name out there and continue to gain more exposure, he got a day job to earn and save more money and help support his family but also be able to continue to pay for beats and studio time. In 2009, he put down the microphone for a while and founded Stop Da Bank Entertainment, specializing in filming, music videos, and event promotions.


Jonni Vegaz used his networking and business skills to his advantage by always staying on the scene and filming exclusive events, including live performances by Gucci Mane, Trina, Plies, Joe, Monica, Juelz Santana, Jadakiss, Montel jordan, Damien Marley, B.O.B, and many more. Once the Stop Da Bank name began grow in the streets of Tampa, FL, Jonni Vegaz started a video channel on YouTube showcasing his work for the world to see. While also providing filming & directing services for local artists music videos, it wasn't long before he started shooting & editing his own videos; as well as, pursuing a career as an actor Now, Jonni Vegaz continues to record music song write for multiple genres of music, film music videos, and act. The Stop Da Bank Entertainment empire is nation wide continuing to grow with other projects currently in production. The sky is definitely not the limit for Jonni Vegaz.

Set List

Payment must be made prior to booked performance date. Sound check must be done before every performance. DJ must be present for sound check or have performer's loaded prior to performance (refers to venue's resident DJ). Two-three microphones must be available one for the performer, and one for DJ and/or hype-man. Bottled water available upon request.