Jonny Dice

Jonny Dice

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Driven by simple yet powerful grooves, Jonny Dice's trip-hop masterpieces remain as lush and emotional as they are elegant. Poppy melodies weave into disarray, giving the music's hip-hop backbone the rhythm of a twisted carnival sideshow. Enjoy.


Hailing from southwest Chicago, Jonny Dice has traveled the world in search of art and inspiration. At the age of 21, he landed in Amsterdam, where he found a perfect blend of art and culture that soon helped him mature into a great trip-hop artist.
In Amsterdam, he began writing ethereal background music for major art shows, which led to his work for, an internet podcast site. During a year long squat in the Netherlands, jonny obtained an Audio Engineering degree from SAE Institute, and returned to Chicago shorty after.
He continues to grow as an artist, and has done several collaborations with famous rock, metal and rnb artist from all over the globe.


-EP "Some of This" is available on most internet retail sites
-LP "This, That, and the Other Thing" will be available within the next 3 months
-"Senor Juan-Bot's Culture Shock Roller Derby" is available for free download at

Set List

Jonny Dice is available for music production, sound for film, and sound for electronic media.
Jonny Dice is not yet available for live performance. May be available for live performance after the release of LP "This, That, and the Other Thing."