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"BinaryStarCast Station"

“It is hard to tell which instrument’s lament is sweeter on Jonny Diina’s newest offering “Will I Fail You”. On the first track of his new EP, Prelude, Elyse Jacobson’s violin is warm and raw, while Jonny’s beautiful bari-tenor washes over the listener like a soft, warm sponge bath.

Jonny switches from emotive chest voice to falsetto as smooth as a newly painted wall. It is a treat to listen to such a young singer with such exceptional control of his instrument. His trained vibrato is well balanced with his growly rock licks. This is reflective of his influences, from “The Chairman of the Board” to Chris Cornell and Radiohead.

Young Mr. Diina’s pedigree is telling. He’s a third generation musician, and it shows in his convincing and confident delivery. His execution on the Prelude EP is flawless. He’s backed by an exceptional group of musicians that understand when not to play. They ebb and flow with his melodious tones, and clothe his melodies in a furry coat of many colors. Jason Nett and the aforementioned Elyse do a great job of supporting Jonny Diina’s rookie effort.

It seems like Buffalo, New York, has found a crooner for the iPod generation. One who understands the classics of American standards, but connects them to the sound of exploratory acoustic rock. We hope Prelude is followed by many more releases. This is a voice of which we’ll never get tired.”

Carlos de Yarza
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"PodCast Review"

“I dig this guy, Jonny Diina is the real deal!”

Henry A. Otero
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"Complimentary Review of Works"

“Hi Jonny,

I really like both “Will I Fail You” and “Love and Truth”. Both of these are particularly great arrangements, playing and vocals. I also like your harmonic jumps to passing tones in Love and Truth as well as the style shifts in tempo and feel. It is refreshing to do the unexpected in music, the surprise, the novelty, or variation on a theme, whereas most other vocalists (with guitars in hand) just crank-out simple songs with lyrics that rhyme. I think you have more of a “total concept” going in your material and it’s very creative to see that these days. Salut!”

Mark Prigoff
Digital Jazz Productions - Digital Jazz Productions


The "Prelude" EP



Jonny Diina is a consummate vocalist, prolific songwriter and gifted musician. He believes that everything in music should be dynamically rooted from the lyrics of a song. An old soul for these uncertain times, Jonny Diina is an antidote for the sugarcoated pabulum that seems to fill the airwaves. His music transcends, engages and delights.

Jonny's influences are as vast as his rich musical background. They include greats like Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra, Chris Cornell, Andrea Bocelli, Radiohead and Jeff Buckley. A native of Buffalo, NY, there was never a time when music was not part of Jonny's life. His mother is a classical pianist; his father a professional jazz musician; and his grandfather played bass in the U.S. Army Band with Sammy Davis Jr. Jonny began voice lessons at the age of 8. Soon after, he joined his father at local venues performing timeless jazz classics.

In 2003, with little more than a guitar and his ambition Jonny made his way to San Francisco where his distinct vocals quickly earned him recognition and regular acoustic performances. Jonny Diina has kicked off 2008 with a new EP, Prelude, featuring the crowd favorite "Will I Fail You." Reminiscent of Jonny's live performance, Prelude captures his break loose vocals and bittersweet lyrics in songs that are drenched with raw emotion.

With a solid West Coast Regional Following-Radio Play and successful shows including but not limited to the Bay Area (San Francisco, San Jose, Fresno) Desert Area (Reno, Palms, Las Vegas) Los Angeles (Hollywood, Long Beach, Orange County) and Southern California (San Diego, Oceanside)- Jonny Diina has made his career as much of a priority as his music. Together, they can't miss.