Austin, Texas, USA

Western Soul/Rock & Roll. Seal's vocals meet Radiohead's arrangements.


Jonny_Dub plays music from The Soul of the Universe. The Tease are the most magnificent backing band a singer/songwriter could ask for. Influenced by the great singing tradition of African American Soul and the arrangements of Brian Wilson and Jose Gonzalez, J_Dub & the Tease create music with the common themes of awareness, consciousness, togetherness, and family. Jonny_Dub is the founder of SpyJet_Zero Records, and together with like-minded artists, serves as a release-valve for human consciousness.



Written By: Jonny_Dub

Square one ain't no fun sugah.
you'll never feel the beat
with your feet screwed to the floor
you are light as a feather
let me see you move
as you are led by your creator

as we all need
to be whole
humanity as one.

step two, when you got the blues
I've been watchin' you, girl
and I'm down to ease your struggle
so soft, you are, my woman
stay within these arms,
and we'll grow old together

as we all need
to be whole
recognize: humanity as one


Debut album, 'Atom_No. 5' was release July of 09. In November a companion disc, 'Atom No. 5 Live,' will be released. "One Small Step," J_Dub and the Tease's sophomore effort, is due out April 2010.

Set List

Up to 2 hours; all originals except where noted:

Atom_No. 5
Another Stalled Motorist
Love has Done
How Low(Jose Gonzalez)
Arm & a Leg
Peacetime Bomber
Blue Balloons
The Gospel According to Momma
What's Goin' On (Marvin Gaye)
Way of Mississippi
Inspiration Information(Shuggie Otis)
A Reminder
Time of the Season (Zombies)
And of Hate
Moon & Stars
One Small Step
Rocky Raccoon (Beatles)
No One Ever Does
Everything is Everything
One World
Path to the Slaughter