Jonny_Dub Band

Jonny_Dub Band


Western Soul meets Rock and Roll. The Rolling Stones jamming with Coldplay. Hot riffs, warm vocals, a blend of male and female harmonies. Hot.


Playing together since 2006, Jonny_Dub band perform songs written by Jonny_Dub and Meg_Vox over the past 5 years. Rob_Con 5.0 and Cam_Rogers were added to the mix in 2007, initially meeting with Jonny and playing on records together in the Arlyn Studio circuit in Austin, TX.


Live at Joe's, 7 November 2007 is the recording that you will hear on our EPK. Due out 3 June is J_Dub's first album, Atom No. 5.

Set List

No gig too large or small.
Cover song repretoire includes but not limited to:
Police: "Walking on the Moon"
Zombies: "Time of the Season"
Rolling Stones: "Beast of Burden"
Prince: "Joy in Repetition"
Coldplay: "High Speed"
Tom Petty: "Breakdown"