Jonny Flash

Jonny Flash

 Florence, Alabama, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Quality street music, This music also has the Flashy appeal some what of a feel good-type of music. This sound can also appeal to the ladies with a thug & B sound strictly for the ladies. Jonny Flash's music will make your crowd rock contiously with his street flows and hype performances.


Whuddya Know about up-and-coming rap artist Jonny Flash? The answer right now may be “not much”, however that’s all about to change. Born and bred in an area known for its rich music traditions, 23 year-old Jonathan Chandler is no stranger to sweet beats or melodic flow. Raised on a street with a moniker that’s an homage to one of the most renowned streets in recording history, Beale, and not a mile away from blues legend W.C. Handy’s birthplace in Florence, it was practically predestined that Jonny would take an interest in music.

Since middle school, “Jonny”, as he is known to family and friends, has honed his freestyle skills, rapping for fun over the beats of his favorite artists, The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur and Busta Rhymes. In the last year, however, Jonny’s freestyle capabilities have increasingly garnered positive attention from the industry, leading him to turn his hobby into his business. And just like a “Flash”, four months to be precise, Jonny has already made rounds all over the Southeast, making his presence widely known and much respected.

With a style reminiscent of Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy, rich vocabulary and classic “beat-down-the-block” baselines, Jonny Flash’s music catalogue brings the heat, showing versatility in what could’ve been, but isn’t, just another trap-or-die/traphouse compilation.

When asked what inspires him, Jonny is straight up – his life. “I rap about what I know. Rapping is my outlet.” Rather than keeping a journal, Jonny Flash spits out his frustration freestyle. His first single, ‘Xtra Gramz’, a one-take freestyle, as are the majority of his songs, is simply a day in the life of the man Jonny Flash. And what a life it is. Young, hot and rising in the game, Jonny Flash is the new big man on the scene. Standing tall, full of ‘hood swag, down-home personality and massive confidence, with name evocative of a comic hero and a sly smirk to match, Jonny Flash exemplifies the future of rap, and judging by the melodious, rhythmic single ‘I Can Tell’, this game-changing artist is the new force to be reckoned with.


Know I get this Money

Written By: Jonny Flash, Boss Biddy, Yung Mook

Lyrics by Jonny Flash , Boss Biddy, Yung Mook

Birds Fly

Written By: Jonny Flash

Birds Fly by Jonny Flash

I can tell

Written By: Jonny Flash, Kirq, TriggaMel

I can tell by Jonny Flash, Kirq, TriggaMel


Jonny Flash's Three singles from his mixtape The Flash Show hosted by 1017 Bricksquad Dj Ace are entitled "Birds Fly", "Know I get this Money" and the most known slow track called "I can tell". These three track have been streaming on Live Mixtapes, Reverbnation, Sound Cloud, and Tweetmymixtape.

Set List

Jonny Flash’s Requirments

These are the following accommodations:
• Food
• Gas
• Lodging (Mileage required)
• Club Hospitality (Drinks& Private rooms)

Stage Requirements
• 2-4 security – security at each entry of the stage
• 3 microphones for artists and 2 hypemen
• Only EME ent Artists and local radio station on stage while performance. (photographer & Videographer)

Guest List
• Kirq
• Mooseleani
• Boss Biddy
• Coleone
• TriggaMel
• Shawty Put On
• Dj Yellaboy
• Theo
• Mariea
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