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"MyHIPHOP Feature"

A couple days ago I stumbled across Brooklyn artist Jonny Go Figure's Myspace page. Normally, I skip right on through because randomly finding a quality artist on myspace is like finding a needle in a hay stack. However, the graphics and layout were appealing so I pressed play. I got about 40 seconds into "Brooklyn Bloke" and knew I had to get Jonny a feature on the site. Check out his unique sound and delivery on his Awkward Spelling EP available for FREE download below. Special thanks to Mr. Klien and Heat Roc MGMT.


01 - Skeleton Funk
02 - Brooklyn Bloke
03 - Drinks
04 - DD//NB feat. Future Future
05 - Evil
06 - Jamba Juice
07 - MS. PHOTOG feat. Poe Picasso
08 - Island Boy
[Bonus Track] Barracuda feat. Mikealis

Download: Jonny Go Figure - Awkward Spelling EP
Posted Dec 11, 2009 at 2:47 PM

"JonnyGo Figure Awkward Spellin | The Future !"

Jonny Go Figure super talented music producer , The Future of the music!

Of all the reasons a teenager would dread having to notify their parent about an imminent suspension from High School; skipping all of your cycle courses to fritter your entire day in the Music Resource Center would be far down such a list. For all the good that music has given to Jonathan “JonnyGO Figure” Klien, it has also been a stable instigator for the once trouble youth tenure in HS; beginning with his suspension, to his invariable bureaucratic battles with the administration, finally and most notably his wrangles with his parents. So why would something that he adores like no other, betray him? “It’s almost like music is jealous of the other facets of my life and wants me to herself” says JonnyGO. The consummate non-conformist, this alluring son of Brooklyn was nurtured to be a performer from his formative years. At the fond age of four, he began DJing under the auspices of his Dad; at age 12, he remembers a visit to Guyana where he freestyle for a group of established reggae artists. HS would ensue and with it, the opportunity to harness all his years of ‘music theory’ into practical application at John Dewey’s, MRC. One cannot censure the juvenile JonnyGO for being awestruck with the leeway to apply his zeal; it was the tunnel vision like mentally that caused the recoil. As if in the incidence of music his psyche becomes a singular organ, forgetting its moral obligations of Calculus or attendance or the canal of prospect from ones parent. So what of that dreaded conversation his mother had with the principal? “The school called my parents, and my mom said”, “I don’t care, he’s was born that way, let him do what he loves.”


"New Music: "JonnyGO Figure" Born This Way"

"As you can see I DO NOT feature music on this blog...ever! But when I hear something good then I can do nothing else but share it. I knew Jonny from high school and we became a bit more familiar after I graduated. I had no idea he was into the whole music thing but from what I can hear, this is definitely his calling. Check out his new song "Born This Way" on his music page".....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008
- Thread & Mills Blog

"Artist Spotlight: JonnyGO Figure, Awkward Experience"

Some artists are just born.

DJing alongside his father at the age of 9 and producing music just four years later with Nintendo, it was just a matter of time before JonnyGo Figure would release his own solo project. He has been perfecting the art of live performance as well, opening up for the likes of 88 Keys and performing at venues such as Santos Party House and Public Assembly. Now with his debut EP, Awkward Spelling, completed, JonnyGo Figure can truly showcase his many talents.



Heat Roc MGMT, Inc. presents the debut EP by JonnyGO Figure entitled Awkward Spelling. The release date is slated for November 10, available for free download for a limited time via MySpace, Pure Volume, Reverb Nation and Ourstage websites. -

"Burning Down The Stage Launch Party"

Burning Down The Stage Launch Party presents: 88-Keys Special Appearances by: Jay Woodz Mikealis JonnyGo Figure Brought to you by: Heat Roc Music Group & YRB Magazine

"Beneath It All, There’s A Lion"

Now, upon first glance, this brotha comes across as timid-a quality atypical for a young rap artist in his prime. However on stage he is everything but. His spellbinding flow literally stirred the room into a clapping frenzy. Shy who? Certainly, not JonnyGo. His music is a synthesis of fetching witticism, and dub. He produces his own music. He writes his own music. He sings and he raps. Talk about multitasking. A DJ turned lyricist from Brooklyn, JonnyGo shows us just how limitless Rap is.


"Awkward Spelling EP Drops November 10th"

The release for JonnyGo's EP, Awkward Spelling, drops November 10th. You can download his songs for free (Boy, do I love that word) via Myspace, Pure Volume, Reverb Nation and Our stage Websites. This is only for a limited time, so please be sure to check that out before the well runs dry. For more information on JonnyGo, you can check out his myspace or simply click on his picture to the right. We featured Jonnygo a couple of months back and let me tell you, he ain't no joke. you know what I'm saying,

For more information of JonnyGo visit:

""Bask In My Glory" x Poe Picasso [Produced x JonnyGO Figure]"

Brooklyn, NY - August 31, 2009 – Brooklyn MC Poe Picasso has released his first official single off the highly anticipated album, Exhibit B: Manifest Destiny, entitled "Bask In My Glory". The song is free for download and is produced by JonnyGo Figure and features Poe Picasso waxing poetic about his triumphant return to his rightful position in hip-hop – the top. "Bask In My Glory" marks the official return of Poe Picasso after his highly regarded and critically acclaimed debut, Exhibit A: The Real Hip-Hop Project, was released in January 2009.


"WORLD Season Release Affair"

September 18th WORLD releases some new fall product with a event at the store. Rocking out with DJ Matics with special guest artists for the night Future Future, Jonnygo Figure, MikeAlis,and JayWoodz. Come through and check out what’s new!



Awkward Spelling EP [US] - Heat Roc ME (BMI) 2010.
Available on iTunes.

Awkward Spelling EP [JP] - Heat Roc ME(BMI). Distributed byColumbia Music Entertainment, Inc.
Available on iTunes 2010.

Born This Way - Heat Roc ME (BMI) 2009.
iTunes, Emusic, Napster, Amazon, Amie St, LALA, ShockHound.



JonnyGO wears many hats, as a producer, singer, songwriter, emcee and DJ. These traits have allowed JonnyGO to constitute a very singular sound that draws on several influences but few comparisons. Inspired by the golden age of reggae bands, where sounds and harmonies we just as important as lyrics and hooks, JonnyGO approach to songwriting is no different from any other artist. However, it is his obsessive attention to overall production and vocal harmonies that makes his songs all sound like radio friendly singles. JGO hooks are catchy chants; flow is hip-hop with his swift chatty, quick-tongue. His references are ‘wikipedic’ and showcases his musical intellect, “you wouldn’t catch me in baggy trousers like the Madness”. A nimble reference to the inimitable apparel of 70’s British ska band, Madness.

JonnyGO started off first deejaying with his dad at events at age 4. He then transitioned into production at age 13 using Nintendo gaming systems, which ironically led him to the keyboard and percussions.

JonnyGO now opens up for the likes on 88-Keys and is set to release his Promo-EP this Fall, named Awkward Spelling.

Santos Party House - New York x NY
Highline Ballroom - New York x NY
Crash Mansion - New York x NY
Bowery Poetry Club - New York x NY
The Knitting Factory - New York x NY
People Lounge - New York x NY
Sputnik - Brooklyn x NY
Red Bamboo - Brooklyn x NY
Public Assembly - Brooklyn x NY
The Court Tavern - New Bruswick x NJ
The Stone Pony - Asbury Park x NJ