Jonny Meyers Trio

Jonny Meyers Trio

 Elmhurst, New York, USA

Jonny Meyers shows that Tin Pan Alley is alive and well through some kind of time-space wormhole. A mix of rock and folk roots music characterizes Jonny and his band from Queens. If art is communication and craft the means, these songs are both. Think Dylan, CCR and Stax!


Song by song, Jonny Meyers is catching up with the traditions left quietly behind in his native Forest Hills - the small hub of Queens, which provided the breeding grounds for legendary writers like Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, Burt Bacharach, and the Ramones. Meyers's catalogue to date is careful blend of romance and consciousness set to Jamaican and North American roots music that reflects the lyrical, musical, and raw emotional traces of his predecessors.

While coming up as a guitar player in New York, it was not until a nine-year stint in Austin, Texas that Jonny Meyers started to be recognized for his compositions. After joining The Stingers in 1998, Jonny quickly became the principal songwriter and bandleader and in just a few years they catapulted from Austin onto the international scene, becoming one of the top traditional ska groups known throughout the world. The Stingers have released two full length CDs and four EPs to date, and have completed four European tours and various regional tours throughout the United States.

Although consistently succeeding with the Stingers, Jonny went looking for an acoustic outlet to bring to life a growing number of songs that were outside The Stingers's repertoire. He assembled RokkaTone in 2002, a mixed bag of Austin musicians wielding acoustic instruments that one might find in a Caribbean street band. RokkaTone's curious mix of Jamaican and North American roots music and interesting instrumentation were the perfect match for Jonny's shift in his songwriting, each inventively highlighting the other. In This Life hit the streets in 2006 and has been receiving positive critical acclaim. "His 13 originals boast an ease with the form straight out of Studio One" exclaims Raoul Hernandez, music editor of the Austin Chronicle.

Jonny's stint in Austin ended in 2007 and he returned home. While still active with The Stingers (record releases in 2007 and a European tour in 2009), Jonny moved right back into the New York scene playing many solo gigs and forming an electric trio that bears his name. The trio plays music that is inspired by the mixed experiences and sounds of living in two very different cities - the laid back Americana of Austin mixed with the everyday hustle of New York. Right now, you can find him exploring his new neighborhood of Jackson Heights, finding inspiration for the tunes that may soon be mentioned alongside those of his childhood heroes.


1000 Times

Written By: Jonny Meyers

Time to take a train
Or board an aero-plane
Believe me
Time in love my friend
Is downright arrogant
Believe me

If I’m the only one
Who’d love a thousand times
I don’t mind

It’s better to play the fool
Than do the things you do
To hurt me
Leaving never ends
Memories pretend to
Desert me
If never come a time
Through my window your light shines
I don’t mind

I knew right from the start
If you were gonna break a heart
How could it be anyone but me
My soul has paid the price
A human nature sacrifice
I was just being nice to be

Life, love and sin my friends
Go hand in hand in hand again
You taught me
Nothing to take away
The years of yesterdays
You brought me
If I’m the only one
Who cried a thousand times
I don’t mind


The Stingers - self titled - 2000 - Electric Entertainment
The Stingers ATX - Big in Mississippi 7" single - Grover 2002
The Stingers ATX - This Good Thing - 2003 - Grover (Europe), Jump Up (USA)
The Stingers ATX - Three Points EP - 2003 - Grover
The Stingers ATX - All In A Day - 2004 - Grover, Jump Up
RokkaTone - In This Life - 2006 - Grover (Europe), Ska In The World (Japan)
The Stingers ATX - Rude Roots EP - 2007 - Independent
The Stingers ATX - This Time Around - 2008 - Mossurg Music (USA)
Kevin Batchelor's Grand Concourse - self titled LP - 2011 - Mossburg Music (USA)

I have many streaming tracks plus radio airplay.

Set List

Typical set list for NYC club gigs - 45 minutes

1000 Times
Baby I'm Tired
Ballad of the Balladeers
Complacency Blues
Lay Me Down
Forty Pieces
Six Ways to Sunday
While the World
Wild and Free
Bad Mama and I