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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Unshakable Grooves "

"they combine the ferocious energy and unshakable grooves of Motown's best with Chicago's long-standing love of power-pop; think MC5 jamming with Cheap Trick, but at Ramones tempos. If that isn't a sign of life, I don't know what is." - Jim DeRogatis (SUN-TIMES)

"The band steps up their game and works hard to craft inventive new phrases"

"The band steps up their game and works hard to craft inventive new phrases that still evoke years past, but this time there's a distinctive stamp of the band's own personality on every riff. Jonny Rumble's time to rise above the scene's din just might have arrived. " - Chicagoist

"Rock N' Roll is in our heads now.""

"Let them beat you senseless with their music, or they'll beat you senseless with their music. Come on kiddies everyone is doing it so why not you? "Rock N' Roll is in our heads now." - Wassup Magazine

"They're going to play it loud."

"Almost Dead," is written as a kind of death knell for the rock 'n' roll that members love, and whether you agree or not, they're going to play it loud. - Staten Island Live

"Real substance to all of Jonny Rumble's material."

"What most impresses, is that there is real substance to all of Jonny Rumble's material. Loud, direct, and angry, their music is filled with intelligent commentary." - WLUW 88.7

"Loud, thrash, angry, and straight to the point!"

"In terms of style, there is one word that best describes the music of Jonny Rumble: Loud, thrash, angry, and straight to the point!
- I-Rock


Release Date: June 15 2010
Title: JR
Label: Rock Proper / Limey Jam

01 Cox Road
02 Handgun Blues
04 Victim of the Times
05 Stumped
06 Courtney’s Basement
07 To Foolishness
08 Opportunities
09 Toe the Line
10 Time

Release Date: July 2009
Title: Cox Road [Single]
Label: Limey Jam

01. Cox Road
02. Opportunities

Release Date: March 2009
Title: Courtney's Basement [Single]
Label: Limey Jam

01. Courtney's Basement
02. To Foolishness

Release Date: July 29, 2008
Title: Almost Dead
Label: Limey Jam

01. Almost Dead
02. Modern Way
03. New New Deal
04. You've Got It Made
05. Bleed Out
06. Saved
07. One Percent
08. Crap-Ola
09. Kick Me
10. First Pick
11. Shaving Cream
12. Obvious

Release Date: May 02, 2006
Title: Good For The Market
Label: WCRecords / Limey Jam

01. Black Radio
02. Gas Station
03. Fornication
04. Good for the Market
05. Out to Get You
06. Idiot
07. Time
08. Meant to Tell You
09. Automatic Fun
10. Everything Burns

Release Date: September 22, 2004
Title: Lost Album
Label: Limey Jam

01. Insides
02. D.N.S.
03. Time
04. Under My Skin
05. Recess
06. Falling Down
07. Interstate
08. Sedation
09. Eavesdropping
10. Cut 'Em Up Like Worms



In 2008, the boys of Jonny Rumble put their collective frustrations into Almost Dead, their third full-length release. In blasting an eloquent and full-throttled critique of our misguided modern social and political state, the album served up the bitter rebellion and social conscience of early punk culture with a wickedly melodic edge. It was “a finger pointing, blame laying manifesto,” according to vocalist/guitarist Brian Webb.

Now, after several well-received interim singles (not to mention a string of bad luck that included hurricanes, hazardous jobs, jail, stolen vans, burglaries, broken bones, busted teeth and severe burns), Jonny Rumble is back with the a new full-length titled JR, an explosive mix of power pop, garage rock and alt-country. The album features the monster single “BRZRKR,” the liltingly psychedelic “Stumped” and the beautiful piano and pedal steel-driven “Time.” Rounding out Jonny Rumble’s line-up are Patrick O’Connor (vocals, keys, guitar), Jeremy Pryor (vocals, bass) and Seth Thomas (vocals, drums). JR the album will be released on vinyl as a limited edition on June 15, 2010.

Rock Proper, an online music distributor/net label launched in 2009, will be the exclusive digital distributor of the album. You will be able to download the full record for FREE on June 15, 2010