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Jonny Salud

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | SELF

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | SELF
Band R&B Soul


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Jonny Salud @ Festival Steak & Seafood

Lake Wales, Florida, USA

Lake Wales, Florida, USA

Jonny Salud @ Jessie's Lounge

Winter Haven, Florida, USA

Winter Haven, Florida, USA

Jonny Salud @ Neutral Ground Coffeehouse

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



I had the honor of seeing Funk.Soul.Family for the first time at Tip’s about two weeks ago, and I saw them again at Loyola a few days later where I could really hear the music clearly, and only became more enamored by this band. Funk.Soul.Family is an 8-piece “musical force” and they are bringing back good music in a big way. I have been waiting so long (seriously) to see a group of young musicians do what this band is doing.

With their eight members, Funk.Soul.Family is able to create those big huge awesome arrangements that make music so enjoyable to listen to: killer lead guitar, talented lead and backing vocals (and the wonderful mixture of male and female voices), a fat/bad-ass rhythm section of bass and drums, fantastically melodic harmonies with two keyboards, and the cherry on top: a horn section. Think Stevie Wonder meets Erykah Badu meets Big Band meets Sam Cook meets Rock & Roll, and you’ll still be surprised by what this band brings to the table.

They weave original arrangements of very tasteful covers, and some great originals that I enjoy even more. Musicality is abundant not only in mind-blowing solos, but moreso in the subtleties, like expert control of dynamics and spacial allowance. A band with a lot of members (especially talented ones) can easily go wrong with cluttered and too-loud arrangements; you will find none of those here. You will find yourself bobbing your head to a tight bass and drum beat, dropping your jaw at a guitar or sax solo, stomping your feet to rockin’ builds, sighing at consonant harmonies, and on your toes during tension-packed hits and holds. If you like music, I don’t think you can NOT like this band. I have no hesitation when I tell you that these guys (and lovely lady) are going places. Check them out. - Braden Piper (Curious Tribe)


"Live at Newcomb" (released August 2006)
"Anyway" (expected release 2011)

Producer, "Let THEM Eat Cake" (released October 2008)

Weekly streaming internet radio play on Crescent City Radio's "The L Mix-Up Show" and WSBF's "For What It's Worth."



Jonny Salud was born and raised in the sleepy goings-on of Lake Wales, Florida. The son of first-generation Filipino immigrants, Jonny started his musical journey early on with the piano, receiving classical training through much of his childhood. While travelling through Central Florida to compete with his peers in solo and four-hand performance competitions, Jonny’s parents helped cultivate a rich musical vocabulary through exposure to the works of such heavyweights as Gershwin and Chopin. But with two working professionals at the head of the dinner table, it was a member of the extended family that planted the seeds of what defines Jonny’s musical identity today. With this pseudo-surrogate mother figure, he was immersed in the power of the gospel through song. “All around me were these melodies. It was coming through the stereo. It was coming through the way she spoke. Even when she would hum, it would be the simplest melody, but good God, it would rattle all through my little baby bones.”

And these melodies would continue to reverberate--albeit deep beneath the surface--as Jonny continued to grow both musically and in general. Jonny devoured the influences within reach in Central Florida, from bluegrass to jam bands to Christian rock. This broad intersection of genres laid the foundation for a level of musicianship fueled by child-like curiosity. What better place, then, to test his merits as a musician/guitarist/singer than in the birthplace of the purest American art form…New Orleans.

In the Crescent City, the early seeds of gospel from Jonny’s childhood began to bloom and evolved into a style steeped in soul. “It’s an odd thing, how I turned out as a musician. No, I didn’t grow up directly exposed to gospel music through the church. But whatever moved cats like (Curtis) Mayfield and Sam Cooke in terms of melody and emotion through their experiences in the church, moved me just the same.” As his knowledge of jazz grew alongside his passion for funk and soul, songs began to emerge with a newfound maturity and focus. Jonny got his hands dirty in the city’s live music scene as well, opening for Rebirth Brass Band and Groovesect at world-famous venues such as Tipitina’s and The Maple Leaf Bar. A chance encounter between Jonny’s parents and Grammy Award-winning producer Kirk Yano then served as the impetus to bring the work of this budding songwriter and performer to the masses.

With Mr. Yano producing (and serving as in-house music/sound/guitar guru), Jonny’s solo debut album features an all-star cast of players, all of whom Jonny praises as his musical heroes (and now mentors). Neal Evans (bass keys, Hammond organ, synth) and Alan Evans (drums) from Soulive contribute, as does Adam Deitch (drums) who has performed with the likes of Wyclef Jean, John Scofield, and Matisyahu, among others. What results are ten well-crafted songs that reflect a common musical vision fully invested in incorporating sounds from past and present to carry on the legacies of acts like Tower of Power, Stevie Wonder, The Funk Brothers, and Johnny “Guitar” Watson. The independently released album is close to completion and will be available in a variety of audio formats.