Jonny Tarr

Jonny Tarr

 San Diego, California, USA

A showcase of multi instrumental skills and soulful songs with a generous slice of danceability


Fresh out of Europe, Jonny Tarr is introducing his monster duo to the soundsystems of the States. A wall of sound, an orchestra of electronic soul, a powerhouse of lyrical stomp, it will electrify your blood. Bringing together all Jonny's many influences and tastes, his original music incorporates his experience as club sax player, major label songwriter, sideman pianist, sampler, beatmaker, lifelong vocalist and loop station manipulator to bring discerning audiences something fresh and connected. Distilled down from an eleven-piece revue band to a streamlined duo that still provides audiences with a complete music experience, always ready for action. Tying the sounds of Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, Herbie Hancock, Shuggie Otis and Marvin Gaye to a modern, electronic sensibility. All live and direct. All honest. All from the soul. He does it because he can. He does it because he can't not.

Originally from Cardiff, Wales and now a permanent resident of San Diego California, Jonny Tarr is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter with fifteen years' experience as a professional touring musician. He has done everything from blowing horns at the Tokyo Crossover Jazz Festival, to accompanying top balearic DJs in Ibiza, to featuring his originals at the Glastonbury Festival in England. 

Cutting his teeth at the age of fifteen in his native city, he went on to teach music in India and then on to study contemporary music at Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts (LIPA). Ten years' experience playing in and around London and touring Europe followed before completing his life-long dream of moving to California. Since then he has played with Mike Pinto, Michael Tiernan, Tolan Shaw, Monette Marino, Greg Douglass, Paul Cannon and recorded with legendary Beastie Boys produced Mario C. 

Jonny brings out the entire bag of tricks for his live performances, playing tenor/alto/soprano saxophones, flute, keyboards, synths, guitars, samplers and loops, as well as boasting powerful Sting/Stevie Wonder influenced vocal.