Jonny Vs The Ninjas

Jonny Vs The Ninjas


Jonny Vs The Ninjas is a ska/reggae/funk/rock phenomenon that is set up to take the music world by storm. After completing their first national tour, "Fun and Games 2006!" all the members are returning to Boston to complete their college careers while still playing all over the New England area.


I’ve Got Entertainment LLC, is an up and coming Artist Development/Production House based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company’s first project, Jonny Vs. The Ninjas, is set up to take the Ska/Reggae/Funk/Rock world by storm.

Jonny, otherwise known as Adam Marquez, is a baritone saxophone player from San Diego, California who was studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston. His original idea was to create a tribute band to praise all the influential Ska and Reggae musicians he grew up to listening to. His roommate Jonas Schultz, a badass saxophone player (and white boy rapper) from Alabama, was the first to lend his talents to the group. At the first practice, Nate Pearson, a band camp geek from New Hampshire, threw down the syncopated bass lines. After one rehearsal the band’s undeniable instant chemistry and their knack for writing original killer hooks proved that a tribute band just wouldn’t be satisfying enough.

Sarah Honeywell, a Vermont native, braved being the only girl in this all boy band. She took the role of being the group’s trombonist and manager of day-to- day operations. Adam enlisted the help of the most amazing guitar soloist at Berklee, John Uda, an Asian Italian kid from long island. Adam decided the band needed some pop crossover lyrics and vocals to round out the band’s sound so he asked his good friend Kyle Hauser, originally from Colorado, to join. This singer/songwriter/banjoist/guitarist became Adam’s counterpart as the lead front man for the band. Their fans adored their sweet and salty mix of Kyle’s boyish charm and Adam’s raw sex appeal (fire red Mohawk and all). New Hampshire born Trevor Bernachez applied his trumpet mastery to the group. To make the band complete, Michael Weiss, known by all his friends as “Skoob”, funked up the rhythm section with his creative drum fills and steady rhythm.

Jonny wanted to make an album and I’ve Got Entertainment stepped in to refine this group of eclectic, hardworking talents. After months of planning, recording, mixing, picture taking, image development, and more, Jonny vs. Ninjas hit the road to embark on their first national tour “Fun and Games 2006”.


"Parents...Please Control Your Children"- Debut EP 2006
The EP was produced by Defkidz under MadPassion Entertainment, from Seattle, WA. Tracks are all originals, and some can be heard right here or on!

Set List

Alright Andy
Nickels & Dimes
Lucky Strike
Back Alley
Doomed II
The Sickie Dank Skank
Whatever I Want
Life, Love and Pain

Covers available on request.