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Houston, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Rock R&B




"Patiently Waiting: JonoJono"

In an industry where the “big conglomerates” market the next generations next superstar, there are many groups and artist that are taking their fate and career into their own hands. Some have been doing their craft for multiple years and have made good careers without the spotlight. Now the goal is almost always fame and stardom but for some artist, they manage to make careers while they wait. I call it patiently waiting.

Jono Jono swung by the studio after tons of messages to me on social media about how he is an amazing talent. His hustle and drive are what made me say he's next to blow in Houston. But he isn't waiting around to be next. He is taking his career by storm today which is why he made these weeks patiently waiting artist of the week. - Marcus Sullivan

"Meet JonoJono"

Today we’d like to introduce you to JonoJono.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
Music has always been my life, at the age of 6 is when I realized I could sing when my older siblings made me try to mimic the “O Happy Day” track from “The Sister Act Pt. 2” Movie and immediately surprising them once I gave it a go.

Ever since, I grew up singing in school and in church and it fine-tuned my musical niche. It wasn’t until the age of about 8-9 when I started tapping into my musicianship by firstly learning piano and then transitioning into electric guitar by middle school. During these times, I struggled with an imbalanced household and also being bullied when going to school and music turned into my escape from the commotion. As I grew up in my teens I started to find peace into the early Hard Rock/Metal scene from the 80’s and 90’s and soon the style latched onto my subconscious creative, but I still was learning the techniques of vocalists from gospel music and even Rib making me a black sheep to my peers. It wasn’t until after I took a break from college to work when I started to produce my own music that worked for me and soon recording my own tracks. After 2-3 years of fine tuning my sound and skills I eventually debuted my first single called “Life (feat. Niesha)” and the rest was history.

Please tell us about your art.
I call my music “Rocking”, I got the term from a coworker that was listening to my first self-produced project called “The Life” EP and said, “it’s like Rib, but the Rock guitar distortion and heavy drums gives me complete rock and metal sort of…like uhhhh…RocknB! Haha”. Even though it was a joke at the time it kind of resonated when I started to pay attention to what I was doing with my sound. When I made my music initially, I had limited resources when faced with countless bills, so I produced my music using GarageBand iOS and took the already mixed projects to a studio to give it a rich sound. I combine these genres because thats all I know and it all falls back to the form of feeling and soul, so it feels right for me. With my music I like to touch various topics that millennials like myself deal with during this day and age like: Love, politics, social issues, and even everyday thoughts and challenges that we face just because I want people to be able to gain knowledge from my music rather than just me being Artist with cool, shallow songs.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing artists today?
The action of pleasing today’s fickle audience, everybody in the digital age are always wanting more right now rather than just enjoying the music. I think it slightly dilutes the artistry and the “fun” factor in this industry somewhat. - Voyage Houston

"Artist Project | JonoJono"

Congrats on being chosen for our Swisher Sound ambassador program! How does it feel to be partnering with Swisher in this capacity?

I personally feel overjoyed and honored by this opportunity to partner with a prominent and traditional company such as Swisher Sweets. One of my biggest aspects in life is to impact and enroot music into the world and for the next generation . With that being said, I believe that this new journey with Swisher Sweets shall grow me as an ambassador for not only major entities, but as well create a solid mindset to pave my own path within the industry. - Swisher Sweets

"The Life EP - JonoJono"

In earlier years, he was generally producing live instrumentals on his pastime using Garageband iOS and he soon produced and released “Contradictions (Interlude)” (formally known as “A New Legacy”) which hybridizes the art of poetry/spoken word, electronic, neo-soul and rock guitar. Upon release of “Contradictions”, his debut visual, on YouTube and other social sharing platforms, his social presence had been cemented by the swift, growing buzz the project had garnered. As a result, he generated peak interest from local venues and inaugurated his career with live performances at notable venues in the Houston area, creating an eager fan base for his anomalous sound. Within the same year of his debut, he has performed alongside with renowned R&B/Soul vocalist Keke Wyatt and shared the stage with charting R&B artists such as, Dondria Nicole and others. - FY Houston

"Time to Come to Your Senses w/ JonoJono"

Every now & then JonoJono is struck with Cupid’s arrow. With a different outlook each time... love helped him to mold into the artist that he is today. Love, in its truest form is expressed through the 3 things he’s mastered in music.

Not only can JonoJono sing in a way that gives listeners chills but he also is a natural when it comes to playing some scintillating guitar chords & writing emotionally moving songs. Influenced by the likes of Musiq Soulchild, Erykah Badu, Pearl Jam & Prince he identifies his sound as ROCK&B which in turn, has helped JonoJono to separate himself from the rest.

By using amplified synthesisers, a soft yet passionate vocal arrangement & a line of guitar riffs from track to track, JonoJono is able to extract different feels from the audience. - Varisity BPM



Blazing the R&B scene with thrash metal solos, poetic lyrics and smooth vocals, Singer/song-writer/guitarist/producer JonoJono has taken a rebellious path in todays music on and off stage. Experimenting with the fusion of soulful melodies and aggressive vocals, he introduced new sound with his debut single "Life(feat. Neisha)" which fine-tuned the seamless integration of distortion and volume associated with hard rock with the melismatic and synthesizer-heavy sounds associated with R&B.  Before his debut as an indie artist, he was generally producing live instrumentals on his pastime using Garageband iOS and he soon produced and released "Contradictions (Interlude)" which hybridizes poetry/spoken word, electronic, neo-soul and rock guitar. Upon release of “Contradictions”, his debut visual, on YouTube and other social sharing platforms, his social presence had been cemented by the swift, growing buzz the project had garnered. Following his debut EP "The Life" and his buzz single "Wavy" he generated peak interest from notable radio outlets like : "The Breakfast Club" on 93.7 The Beat and other major platforms. This soon inaugurated his career with gritty, high energy live performances at notable venues and festivals in the southern regions, creating an eager fan base for his anomalous sound and attitude. With an eye on the horizon, JonoJono strives to blaze his own movement in music for listeners and fans alike.

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