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Bring on the Day

Written By: Jono Kirk

Bring on the Day

Verse 1:

All creation cried your name
your power, glory and fame
all made perfect in your eyes
nothing compromised

A fallen world would take its place
Longing for your grace
How much longer must it wait
Till tears are washed away


Bring on the day
When heaven makes its way
and the whole world falls down, crumbles on its face
the trumpets sound and we will cry worthy is his name
Bring on the day
when heaven makes its way.

Verse 2:

We will fall down
before the lord of all
give our life account
against his perfect law

Even though i'll meet my judge
he will know my name
Though he knows the wrath i face
he wore it in my place


We'll fall down
We'll lay our crowns
We'll fall down
we'll lay our crowns