Jono McNeil

Jono McNeil


Derived from a variety of influences; Motown-esque stylings of Stevie Wonder to new-school underground soul music of D’Angelo, it fuses soul, funk, jazz & electronica into an eclectic yet unified sound, over-arched by Jono’s melodic sensibility & unique vocal prowess to create a dynamic, fresh sound


Jono McNeil Media Bio

Jono McNeil made his first appearance on the Australian music scene at 19 years of age as vocal front man of the funk/acid jazz band, The Jive Express. The group featured some of Australia’s best jazz musicians, including Paul Mabury, Dishan Abrahams, Ruairidh Anderson, Niall Anderson, Graeme Blevins, Amanda Dee with tours augmenting the line-up to include the likes of James Sandon, Jamie Oehlers, Adam Page and many others. The group played regularly in reputable venues such as the Basement (Sydney), and many others across the east coast. With a rigorous touring schedule, which saw Jono join them on eight tours of Australia and two of New Zealand, he also recorded two albums with the group; they include Cutting Deeper (2002) and Covered (2004)

As a jazz graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Jono has cultivated a healthy position in the Perth jazz scene. His unique tone and musicality has allowed him much versatility. Jonathan’s love for jazz is met with his experience in funk, soul, R&B, music theatre, gospel and dance music; as well as being a songwriter in his own right.

Jono has performed in many venues around Western Australia, with numerous different bands. He was recently the feature vocalist for the award winning Mace Francis Orchestra and the front man for what has quickly become known as “the” soul/funk band of Perth, Eso-Funk. Jono, for the past two years has also been the front man of Perth band The Roast and has recently toured on the east coast promoting their album, On a Sunday Night which has achieved large success nationally. Also, as a vocalist for drum ‘n’ bass group The Resonance, he featured on a variety of their released electronic music tracks, and more recently has collaborated with several European-based house music producers on various releases, including Rachel Claudio, Nicolas Vautier and Benny Pecoraio on such releases as “Do You Even Know” and “Breathe” on the Jaffa record label.

Drawing from his diverse range of musical influences, Jono has embarked on his debut solo project to create a dynamic and fresh new sound that hails him as a considerable force in the world of soul music. Now signed with independent record label, Hit Town Records, his first album ‘Places’ features 10 original tracks that not only showcase Jono’s unique vocal prowess and distinct sensitivity to style but also his ability to communicate the secrets of the soul with the craftsmanship of a true songwriter. Joined by some of Australia’s best musicians, including Andy Fisenden (drums), Mat Jodrell (trumpet/flugelhorn), Troy Roberts (tenor saxophone), Danny Martin (vocals) and Rachel Claudio (vocals), and produced by Simon Fisenden at Loop Studios, Western Australia, Places promises to inject innovation into nu-school soul in Australia. Jono is indisputably an exciting new presence in the Australian music scene.

Jono is managed by Ryan and Kelly Cope, Cope Entertainment, Perth, WA.


Walkin' Over

Written By: Jono McNeil

Walking Over

I’m getting more sober with each day
My feet on the ground
Cos’ right here in my fragile dreams
I feel in myself complete

Beneath me are raging waters
There mocking my feet
But all above is clear to me
And wherever I choose to go it is mine

Cos’ I’m walking with my right and left
And over the stone
Cos I see it with my own eyes
That it won’t be long
‘Til I make through the obstacles that
Toughen up my skin
I walkin over walkin over walking over

And it’s a new day and I am flowing in the stream of what is meant for me
Beauty, truth
And a little comprehension
I’ll try to keep my head in all of this so I can be
Who, what and how

I’m walking over and I’ve
Made my mind up now I’m
I’m walking over and the
View looks better from here
I’m walking over and I’ve
Made my mind up now I’m
I’m walking over and there’s
Nothing stopping me now

You Need Me

Written By: Jono McNeil

I’m getting tired now
My eye lids are light
But my heart is heavy

It’s been a while now
Since I felt at home
In our friendship baby

We’re not sure
Doing things the same
When they need to change

Our definition of crazy
Trying to find a reason
To clean the mess we’ve made

So hope find us
Hope make it right
Hope start a new story
Between us tonight

You need me like I need you
I take a bow
You hear me now
Let’s make it work
Baby you need sunshine
I need the rain
Don’t walk away
You hear me say
Let’s make it work

We looked so good together
We laughed together
Can we say that that counted for something

That’s where I’m at now
In these times you are caused
To count what really matters

But hope’s finding us
Hope’s making it right
Hope’s starting the story
Between us tonight

What is darkness
I’ve been asking for days
Cos I can’t seem to find the light
Do we need it
Just to make us work hard
To cultivate the love
But what is freedom
If we’re bound in our self-centre ways
It’s not meant for that
Here’s my outstretched arm
You know I think we can


Jono has featured on lead vocals for the following albums:
Cutting Deeper – The Jive Express
Covered – The Jive Express
On a Sunday Night – The Roast

Jono has featured on vocals for the following international releases:
Do You Even Know – Rachel Claudio (Jaffa Music)
Breathe – Jono McNeil (Jaffa Music)
Tension Release – The Resonance

Alongside these recordings, Jono has recorded on many local recordings as a session vocalist.

Set List

Jono’s new original project brings a dynamic show to the stage. The set includes his original music from his upcoming album as well as some very funky yet obscure covers thrown in throughout the set. The standard show goes for approximately an hour and a quarter.

Jono’s Original music includes:

Me in My Hat
Walking Over
Just the Way
Dance With Me
You Need Me
Don’t Take It Out