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My music is for all ages. I am seeking to present the words and music anywhere to whomever desires. My upcoming August 2008 release is a presentation of the last two years in my acoustical and electric endeavors. All of this is dedicated to and in worship of our Lord Jesus Christ.


For many years, music and faith were two separate objects in my life on different paths, seeking different destinations. Both have meant a great deal to my life, as each has, in its own beauty, provided me with means to speak and express myself anew. There was a point not too long ago when I realized one had to be chosen over the other, my dream or my life. I tell people the only two influences I name to be mine are my brother, and Jesus Christ. Each, in it's own light, has revealed something to me that has brought me to the exact chair that I sit in right now while typing. My brother posed the musical influence, and Christ my reason for it. Why I still continue even touching an instrument and writing music has established a completely new world of meaning since my connection into the walk with Jesus.
During August 2007 I began recording with Producer and Engineer Andy Lundman. The album features a compilation of styles and connects a fusion of Analog and digital sound structure.
Acoustical Songs such as "The Right Man" open the organics of instruments and human voice. Folk music lays the foundational arrangement, but the lyrical story brings it up to date with the relevant message of Christ. Electrical Pieces such as "Marriage" emphasize on the refined emotion of ambient guitars rather than vocals. In this, the music speaks for itself. Both pieces are featured in the enclosed demo.
This music is for conversational purposes, between listener and artist. The whole album contains various events others and I have experienced and/or thought about. All the pieces have a reason, but each piece has separate definition or story. My debut album will be released with my friend Hitide.Lotide and available as of August 23 2008.


Beyond My Ways

Written By: Jon O.

I'm leaving the place I left years ago in mind, Running to a new story, a newly shaped mind, a new conviction, a new love this time.

I'm packing my bags, foundations thankfully provided by, so here I go, watch if you please, out the door.

The city, the city, the lights that they so shine, the people ahead of me, their names unknown at this time.

Goodbye, good night, and Eastward on down the road.
Goodbye, good night, and Eastward on down the road.

The Right Man

Written By: Jon O.

You were the Right Man,
World in your left, love in your right hand.

You were the Right Man,
Faith in your left, answer in your right hand.

I see you in my eyes, but nobody else.
I see you in my eyes, but nobody else.

Forty days, forty nights,
Forty days, forty nights.


The above Demo Clip features samples of "Finish the Race", "The Right Man", and "Marriage" respectively.

Set List

First of Three Days
The Ascension
Time, Time
By Face or By Touch
The Right Man
Angel P.2
Beyond My Ways
Untitled (Unexpected)
Heartbeat and Cue the Music
Unexpected (Slow down, Breathe)
Sleep Tonight, Dream Tonight P.1
Sleep Tonight, Dream Tonight P.2
Organ Prelude 1 and 2
Sunset, Finale, Omega
Content, the Up and Down