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Jon has started to play music at the age of 7, his very first instrument was violin, later he started to learn to play the piano. he also played in an orchestra at that time. But during that time he did not find it comfortable to play or as freely as he wanted in the way of expressing himself. So at the age of 10 he decided to try and play bass, but wanted to try and play guitar. At 11 years old he took up learning the guitar. even during that time Jon has been drawing and was very influenced by Leonardo Da Vinci, his interest in art was also under development. His reasons to move from classical was from the influences from listening to The Beatles, admiring the song writings from John Lennon he began to write songs at the age of 13. but his main focus during that time was on advancing his techniques as a guitarist. His interests with music broadened later in the gap from the age of 13 - 17 from listening and constantly playing Jimi hendrix songs, he developed interests in the ways of hendrix's writing as well. such as the space or the surrealism in writing. during the teenage years he also started to listen to a lot of blues, grunge, funk, reggae, soul, classic rock and metal. His curiosity towards sound was more focused when he was 17. Yet at the same time Jon's curiosity towards sculpting had also developed. During this 4 yr gap Jon had been studying in a boarding school, which he had to move on due to his main interests was in art. He had a hard time on whether to decide to move to music or art, but his studied choice was either art or music and he couldnt study both at the same time. for a year Jon moved to Cambridge to study art foundation and came upon interests with metal and welding. at this time Jon has started to write songs and play in a small restaurant bar called kamis. This helped him gain experience in playing live and confidence. He then later realised that what he utmost felt he could express and take on futher in his guitaring techniques in rhythm and decided to focus on the sound of rhythm and finger picking, during this time he was under the influenc of Nick Drake. After gaining a distinction in art foundation, he moved to farnham in surrey to study Fine art sculpture. The 1st year Jon had been playing in live parties, but later retreated and focused on his artwork upon mastering his techniques in sculpture. During his studies he worked and in curiousity started to write songs again. This made Jon start to realise his potential in music had mostly been in song writing thus he had been experimenting of automatic writing and playing so that he could understand his inner self. during this 3 yr gap Jon had begun to delve into manouche jazz for rhythm techniques and other jazz forms. Yet he felt his way of understanding music and the lack of knowledge under the theory of music made him unable to push his work further more. Jon has now moved to wimbledon to study in a music school called ACM, so he could learn more about techniques and other idea's into writing songs. Jon's previous works can also be found on this old website which you can also understand how it has developed: